Significant new Deep Purple album in 2012 (official announcement)!

  • :cool: I'm just watching the dvd "Deep Purple The Ultimate Collection" about the history of the band from mk1 until mk4.
    Very interesting, and Glenn is talking also here. Must have been a couple of years ago maybe on 2006?
    So what is important for a significant purple album?
    I think it's just tension, that's the magic word.
    When musicians are able to push one another into higher regions it is a good thing.
    On mk2 it was the tension between Blackmore and Lord musically and certainly Blackmore and Gillan. But between them it went wrong like we all know.
    Until "Machine Head" it worked, for me the tension was on optimum on "In Rock".
    Then after mk2 the tension became stronger with Glenn and Coverdale joining the band.
    On "Burn" all members of purple were grown, and Blackmore played better than before on my personal opinion.
    Blackmore is a "funky" guitarplayer indeed in a subtle way, also Glenn said that here, and together with Glenn Ritchie Blackmore could grow on a rythm level again.
    "You fool no one" is a masterpiece of that new rythm quality of the band.

    The tension was pyramidal, rock against soul, classic against blues.

    Like in a good musical instrument the tension has to be perfect to achieve a good tone, the same thing happens in a band. Sometimes :thumbup:


  • The plans to make a SIGNIFICANT :) new DP album seem to be very serious. Because Steve said in a interview very recently, that Bob Ezrin is going to be the producer of this album. Bob Ezrin is one of the most famous classic rock producers (same level as Martin Birch, I suppose). A better producer is hard to find ;)
    He is famous because of epic productions. So, let's make this new album significant and epic. Deep Purple and Bob Ezrin: what a combination :thumbup:

  • I think it's great to have such a famous producer on board.
    This alone will get the attention of the press.

    But if he's the right producer for Deep Purple I don't know.
    He did some great productions, but also some where too much was added to the sound (choirs, orchestras etc).
    And on a lot of albums he also got writing credits.
    Completely different from what DP is doing.

    But they may surprise me and come up with a killer album.
    I hope they do, they deserve it.

  • No good having a great producer if the songs are crap!

    I'd rather they had an unknown producer and wrote some decent songs.

    How about having a great producer and horny material on top of it? That'd be the icing on the cake.

    Just hope they will include two or three of the new songs during the November tour.
    Otherwise poor Stormy will have to endure Hush or Black Night during 12 shows. Or is it 13 or 14... :rolleyes: ;)

    "I might have been born in Liverpool, but I grew up in Hamburg." John Lennon

  • From a recent interview with Steve Morse in Glide, he said that Bob Ezrin is one of his favorite producers (who can make a difference). The album is going to be more of an extravaganza said Steve. "Everbody in DP realizes we're not going to do this forever, so it feels like this is going to be a really important album" :) And (Steve continues): We want to do it very well!!!!!!!!!!

  • Update: News from Nashville(music history) from Steve Morse. Deep Purple is in the studio in Nashville with Bob Ezrin and according to Steve (blog) they have lots and lots of great stuff. More than they could put on one album (double album????) Steve said that they are working untill the moment he leaves for the G3 tour. The rest of the band and Bob will go on with keyboards, bass and vocal overdubs. Somehow Steve will get in synch with Bob again to finish or redo any solos or overdubs on his end :thumbup:

  • It's been quiet around the new Deep Purple album. In the meantime Steve toured with G3 and Flying Colours and Don toured with his own band: This fall:the DP European tour: I gues that they will do in October the overdubs, mixing etc. of the new album (I hope so), before the European tour and maybe they will play some new songs at those shows :thumbup:

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