• From several sources; Glenn gave an interview about BCC 3 (with a title this time). The album will be recorded in June 2012 :thumbup:

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  • I guess there will be no solo record this year. A bit of a pity. But I must say that, in my opinion, the two BCC albums are better than his solo work since the late nineties. But that is of course a matter of taste. I am more a (classic) rock fan, than a FUNK fan. What make BCC more special to me is the fact that Jason Bonham is playing drums in the band. I am a very big Zeppelin an JON BONHAM fan and I"ve seen JASON BONHAM also a few times (with UFO and BCC). For me Jason is the best drummer GLENN ever worked with since Ian Paice. Jason Bonham rules :thumbup:

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  • Here Glenn reveals the plans for the next BCC release


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  • :cool: Glenn says in this interview: "..i like drama in the music!"
    And that's it about the great artistic power of BCC, there are 4 superstars
    of rock and blues and they all have got this kinda "dramatone".

    Glenn's solowork i love because of it's pure Glennsound, i would say here is a maximum of dynamic in it, from acoustic guitar spanishlike songs, very calm moments up to living funkexplosions and of course heavy rocksounds.

    And Glenn's band is really tight, strong volcano rockattitude from Anders,
    Olinders sensitiv keys, he did the "You keep on moving" organsolo great,
    and Engborg is a highgroovin' hardworkin' drummer i enjoyed much.
    Always big love :thumbup: :clapper:



  • Woow...thank you, David! That was two minutes faster than the pizza at our favourite Italien restaurant! :D
    So - finally there will definitely be a next BCC album in June which might have another title than "3" as Glenn said before and a lot of drama.
    Where's Bruce? (Sorry, couldn't resist, that's a running gag in Germany...)

    That's it - hopelessly addicted to the voice from Cannock... 8)

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