Most under rated Purple albums??????

  • I am just in the process of rediscovering "Come Taste the Band". This is a fascinating album and comes from a line-up of the band that was together for less than a year. This is such a shame because I have watched and listened to quite a bit of stuff recently from this line-up and we see a real evolution in the band, they were really starting to spread their wings and experiment in new and exciting ways, I love the vocal interplay with David and Glenn, you had David's more gruff bluesy sounding voice contrasting with Glenn's higher vocal range reminiscent of Ian but with it's own unique character - I personally think Glenn hit the higher vocal ranges more comfortably than Ian did, Ian tended to screech a bit in the higher vocals whereas Glenn could reach that high but he was still singing rather than screaming, both were good I hasten to add but different. Of course with Ritchie leaving the band the guitar sound was not only going to evolve but the song writing as well with Tommy contributing along with Glenn and David.

    I really would have loved to have seen what this band was capable of had it been given time to settle down and truly get comfortable with each other. I personally think Jon and Ian's decision to call it a day with this line-up was premature and ruined what could have easily turned out to be Purple's best and most stable line-up. I can see with hindsight why Jon and Ian felt the need to take that decision but I also think that had the pressure been eased a little bit then maybe it wouldn't have happened. There's no doubt that Purple were badly overworked by management at that time and that undoubtedly hastened the end of the band, if they had been told ok take six or twelve months off and then come back then they would have come back stronger and better than ever. Also, there was no doubt that Ritchie was the main motivator behind the line-up changes, he simply get's bored and has to have a change (look at Rainbow - I have no idea how may different people played in Rainbow over the years, I doubt even Ritchie knows) and with Ritchie leaving the band it may well have entered it's most stable period ever had it been allowed to continue. Yes Ritchie leaving was a shock initially but what it did allow was the band to start to develop musically in a way it hadn't before. The process started when David and Glenn joined and would have culminated with Tommy joining, all they needed was a break IMHO.

    Anyway, that's my rather long winded thoughts on the subject. A golden opportunity missed.

  • :cool: Hey Richie, i agree in many many cases.
    If you hear "Life at Long Beach" you hear a exploding band with a brlillant Tommy Bolin. That guitar sound with this overdriven Hiwatt with fuzz and echoplex is unreached. My absolutly dreamsound.
    The keyboard sounds from Jon Lord in this period were ultraspacy freaky and experimentive.
    I think CTTB was the most modern sounding Deep Purple album ever!
    And i'm never gettin' tired hearin' it.


  • Thanks I'm really glad I'm not the only one thinking what an awesome line-up this was. I often find with albums that take me a little while to get into that they last longer and I tend to keep growing with the album and I keep discovering new aspects that I hadn't noticed or appreciated before. I'm finding that with CTTB, I just keep growing with it. I'll never ever get bored listening to Machinehead, it's one of the finest rock albums ever made, but I don't know if am I ever going to learn anything new about it that I didn't know before. With CTTB I keep finding new aspects that I wasn't aware of before, it's brilliant.

  • There's no doubt that Purple were badly overworked by management at that time and that undoubtedly hastened the end of the band, if they had been told ok take six or twelve months off and then come back then they would have come back stronger and better than ever.

    Yes, it's common knowledge now that Purple was badly driven by their management.
    However, even a hiatus of a year would not have helped the band to regain their original strength as Tommy was dead by then.

    Btw, the Japanese "Young Guitar" magazine has all three Purple axemen on the March title. Hard to get by, even harder to read ;)
    Anyway, awesome cover :clapper:

  • Slaves and masters a good work and soulful vocals from JLT but it has a Rainbow sound in it.

    Shades of deep purple: it didn't have it's full reputation as a strong starter for a band.

    Come taste the band: a lot of purple fans look at this album with disgrace really.

    storm bringer: Ritchie has left after it was released.

    : a really good record really despite not being a huge fan of purple after 1994.

  • ...none that I know :rolleyes:

    Oh, I forgot to elaborate on my point here,sorry. I mean at the time of its release a lot of fans really didn't like it ! and many of them were upset due to Ritchie's absence. Even now, some purple fans don't consider CTTB a real, proper purple album!, especially for mark 1 or 2 lovers. I mean hush or smoke on the water lovers especially back then more than these days. Thanks a lot David and I hope that I elaborated well on my point.

  • for sure who do we think we are ;not good as machine head but gillan is on top and some great songs :
    mary long
    rat bad blue
    woman from tokyo
    and yes painted horse

  • I always loved Come Taste The Band....I'm not the biggest DP fan, obviously Machine Head kicks, but I was more into Tommy Bolin's solo releases and the James Gang releases....Come Taste the band was found as he played on it...Love you keep on moving!

  • I really think Burn is underrated. Not to say that people don't talk about it, but I think it's a far better album than people credit it as. People always talk about Burn and Mistreated as standout tracks, but I think Lay Down, Stay Down, You Fool No One and What's Goin On Here are some other EXCELLENT tracks. Great solos, phenomenal drumming and of course the sweet vocal harmonies. How these tracks aren't more talked about it beyond me.

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