Most under rated Purple albums??????

  • Which Purple albums do you think are under rated and still very good. These albums are hidden treasures. As it is the end of the year and a time for lists: Here is my TOP 3 under rated pearls:
    -Who do we think we are (with the superb Mary Long and Rat Bat Blue).
    -House of blue light (with Bad Attitude, Call of the Wild and Strangeways).
    -Abandon (with Don't make me happy and Seventh Heaven).

    In fact I play these albums more than In Rock, Machine Head and Perfect Strangers.
    These pearls ROCK :thumbup:

  • Purpendicular and Fireball are among my favorite albums Deep Purple has released. Truthfully, I rotate most of the band's albums through my iPod at some point or another, adding or removing them from time to time. I truly love all eras of the band, and the various offshoots it has produced in Whitesnake, Rainbow and the assorted solo projects. I don't think a more diverse and talented family tree exists for another band.

  • Underrated by "the Critics" but not by me :

    Battle Rages On - As good as or better than any of the so called Classics. Take a listen to Ramshackle Man and tell me Blackmore isn't enjoying himself! Not one weak track and a real shame they didn't go on from here rather than RB leave. I saw them at the infamous NEC show on the tour where RB missed half of Highway Star and threw water over the cameramen.

    Perpendicular - loved it when it came out and still do.

    Abandon - see above.

    Who Do We think We Are - so much more than just Woman From Tokyo

  • - Battle rages on (for Time to kill, Solitaire, Ramshakle manand of course Anya and title track)

    - Fireball (with Fools, No one came, Anyone's daughter and No, no, no)

    - Stormbringer of course :cool: (Highball shooter, Holy man, Hold on, The Gypsy and so on..)

    I think Purpendicular is considered not so bad isn' it ?

  • Seems our taste is much the same! ;)

    Salute - presently watching the "No One Came" clip from Hamburg last year :cool: :bouncer2:

    "I might have been born in Liverpool, but I grew up in Hamburg." John Lennon

  • I partly agree to the above but not in everything, of course :D Tastes are different, luckily ;)

    Most underrated albums ...but in my opinion amazing records:

    - Fireball
    An incredibly versatile array of songs and you can really feel how much they were trying new things, reaching out to different musical areas and enjoying themselves. "Noone Came" is one of my alltime DP faves anyway and so is "Anyone's Daughter".
    - Masters & Slaves
    I can really repeat what I said in the thread about "underrated DP formations".
    Even quite a few people will disagree to this, but I quite liked the MkV incarnation. Maybe because it somehow sounded as if they continued where they stopped with Rainbow and yes, it sounded more like Rainbow as DP but that doesn't mean it was a bad album. It has amazing songs on it and if more people would stop their pigeonholing approach to everything and everyone, they would clearly see this. This album has incredible music and is a joy for every AOR music lover. One can like JLT or not, but he has always been a top notch singer to me and a witty and smart guy when you talk to him as well.

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  • oh yes.. i forgot Slaves and masters :(

    with this amazing songs.. Cut runs deep, King of dreams, Fire inthe basement, Truth hurts and Fortune teller... :thumbup:

    and on this album this is the return of a melodic Ritchie !! :clapper: :clapper:

  • I like Slave and Masters too. I think King of Dreams is a fantastic song. Like the other songs mentioned above, especially Fortuneteller, and add Breakfast in Bed.

  • "Fireball" and "Who Do We Think We Are" are both great albums loaded with great tracks! 'House Of Blue Light" also has some cool songs, eg 'The Spanish Archer", "Bad Attitude", "Mad Dog" "Mitzie Dupree" .....

  • I agree to some of you that Slaves in Masters is indeed a very good album. I fact Joe Lynn Turner is the most under rated Purple singer ever. I like his voice (rock with soul). He is a superb singer :thumbup:

  • "Fireball" and "Who Do We Think We Are" are both great albums loaded with great tracks! 'House Of Blue Light" also has some cool songs, eg 'The Spanish Archer", "Bad Attitude", "Mad Dog" "Mitzie Dupree" .....

    I guess I really should have mentioned 'Stormbringer' and 'Come Taste The Band ' also. I forget that they probably don't get the full credit they deserve. Both brilliant albums, and far superior to 'House Of Blue Light'. Sadly nowdays I just can't stomach much stuff from the 80's, although I do think 'Perfect Strangers' was a great Purple album from that era.

  • Slaves & Masters sounds very much like a Rainbow album for good reason - 3/5 of the band (JLT, Roger Glover and Ritchie) members were in Rainbow! Slaves & Masters is a natural successor to Bent Out of Shape, I suppose, although I think Bent Out of Shape is better.

  • Amazing - and at the same time quite shocking - how many DP albums have made it into the list of "most underrated"! :huh: :confused:

    Fireball - underrated??? :eek: Mentioned in the same post with "Slaves and Masters"!

    Honestly, that gives me the creeps! :sint1: :mad: :rolleyes:

    "I might have been born in Liverpool, but I grew up in Hamburg." John Lennon

  • the problem is that for many people Deep Purple is just In rock, Machine Head, Burn (not sure for this one) and Perfect Strangers... :confused:

  • toadsterama: JLT, Roger Glover and Ritchie are not only 3/5 of the band, but also 3/3 of the songwriters of both bands (DP '89-'91 and Rainbow '80-'83) :D

    About the main topic:
    If we assume, that well rated DP albums are all MkIIa & MkIII albums plus Perfect Strangers plus Purpendicular, then the most underrated DP albums are:

    - Come Taste the Band (well rated here, of course, but not so much by the ordinary Purple fans);
    - The House of Blue Light (Bad Attitude, Unwritten Law, Mitzi Dupree);
    - Deep Purple '69 (Blind, Lalena, April).

  • I better don't go into what some of your posts give me at times... :rolleyes:

    Stormbringer74, you nailed it :thumbup: That's pretty much as it actually is.
    Il vaut mieux en rire qu'en pleurer... :lol:
    Grand bisous ..


    [B]Cowards die many times, the valiant never taste the death but once - Caesar

  • Most underrated at the time of release was CTTB
    Although I was a fan for years I loved it from day one.
    It's up with In Rock, Machine Head and Burn.

    Also deeply underrated is Who Do We Think We are, but I think it's great.

    The ones I don't like very much are Slaves And Masters and The Battle Rages On

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