Bloodrock/BOC/Trapeze in Texas 1975

  • Hi

    I'm interested in tracking down any info on three gigs Blue Oyster Cult played with Trapeze in May 75 - I found a post relating to one of these shows elsewhere on this board which hinted at bad blood between BOC and Trapeze, and I was wondering if any board members had any background info on this?

    Also - I understand there's a Glenn Hughes autobiography out and I was wondering if maybe there might be any mention in that about it?

    Here's what info I know about the gigs so far:
    Any info would be gratefully received.

  • Thanks for that - got my dates confused - I'd thought he joined DP in 75 - and that also explains why I couldn't find the gigs listed on the Tourography page... I think Homer had it exactly right when he so succinctly opined:


    Still, if anyone happens to know the source of the animosity, which seems to have stemmed from an incident when Glenn WAS with the band - so hopefully, it's not TOO off-topic - I'd appreciate hearing about it...

    (It could possibly have been from a Memphis gig in 72/73 with Hydra/BOC and Trapeze, when creditors tried to seize Trapeze's gear and Hydra hid it for them...)

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