New Solo Album (rock direction)

  • I wouldn't mind those H/T tracks getting revisited (I have a feeling they're strong) but I'm sure writing for the new album will be from scratch, so to speak.

    So, any votes on who should be in the band for the recording? Let's see: Gary Ferguson on drums (making sure the swing and groove dept is secured), JJ Marsh, maybe Hans Zermuehlen or Ed Roth on keys? I guess that's the early 2000s band I'd like to see reunited... ;)

    Overall, I kind of wish the new album will have a Building the Machine / Soul Mover kind of vibe. Don't Let it Slip Away, Feels Like Home, I Will Follow You, Beyond the Numb, Big Sky... Or Change Yourself, Let it Go, Dark Star, Isolation, Miss Little Insane... Some of Glenn's strongest and most emotional material ever, I feel. Let's not forget some of the tracks on HTP2. Quite underrated.

    Glenn is at his best when he lets the music/vocals breathe, where there's a lot of dynamics and diversity. Check out Beyond the Numb or Change Yourself for cases in point. Glenn being 100% Glenn, if that makes sense. I haven't quite gotten that feeling from the BCC material, so I hope we get to hear it again on the new solo album.

  • Gary Ferguson on drums, JJ Marsh & Marc Bonilla on guitar and Ed Roth on keys. What a band!

    And for crying out loud, keep Kevin Shirley far away from the producer's chair! Bonilla should produce with Glenn again... :thumbup:

  • Would be nice to see JJ back, although unlikely to happen. Would be great to see someone like John Sykes play on the album, but i cant see anyone but his current touring band being on the album. And i wouldn't complain about that!


  • If Glenn does a rock solo album, I'd love to see him reunite with Frankie Banali on drums! Frankie is a Bonzo freak, and nowdays has a HUGE drum sound and knows how to groove big time!

  • Nice speculations about the SOLO album. I would like that GLENN will record it with a touring band: Gary Ferguson, drums and JJ on guitar (he was superb at the HTP tour) and Anders Olinder on keys. And of course to make it special some prominent guests (also good for the sales). Guests like David Coverdale on a few songs; Jason Bonham (son of the legend and becoming a legend himself) behind the KIT on a song; JON Lord on keys on a song (if his health let him do it); Jimmy Page playing a solo and yes.........a duet with good old LEMMY :) That would be nice!

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  • Having been to the intimate acoustic evenings and watched the passion that Glenn puts into singing and playing some of his great songs I would be happy with an acoustic interpretation of either old or new songs.... Whatever :cool: At least we still have a GH to produce music for our ears, and long may that continue :singer:

  • If Glenn has to do just a "Rock" album, I wish it would be a mix of Hughes-Thrall/the album he did with Norum & the stuff he did with Iommi! :bow:

    An album like that would kick big time ass! :bow:

    I agree that the BCC albums are not that special! 2nd one is best, but most of Glenn's solo work is much better! :D Joe is just not a Rocker! If Glenn really wanted to put together a super group rock band, then Sykes, Malmsteen or someone like that should've been used instead! I even like the un-issued WB album from 1991 better than the first BCC one! Where are all the Pink Cloud rare archive releases? :confused: I also hate the Xmas cd! :eek: I am sure I will buy the new solo album as I always get everything the Man does! He is my musical addiction! :D


  • I wonder if the plan still is to record a new solo album in February? In responding to a question on what's next for him, Glenn responds he'll do shows in China in January, European festivals later on and BCC 3 in June.

    Hmmm.... you'll just have to be patient... all will be revealed soon :)

  • I wonder if the plan still is to record a new solo album in February? In responding to a question on what's next for him, Glenn responds he'll do shows in China in January, European festivals later on and BCC 3 in June.…wsitemID=167583…wsitemID=167583

    Thanks for the link to blabbermouth with that interview! Well, it is a bit surprising indeed that Glenn never mentioned a solo album. Maybe plans have changed again (from BCC3 to a solo album and now back to BCC3)?

    We will never know what's happening behind the curtain (as we say in Germany), so we can just wait and see what's coming up next. I would love to get more reliable informations that won't change as often (especially regarding live acts) but that's the way it is and I'm just glad now with every new music (live or on cd) that Glenn will bring out (solo or with BCC)...

    That's it - hopelessly addicted to the voice from Cannock... 8)

  • I like the WB album but not that much! Thanks for the updates & merry Christmas!...Don't need no demonstration, I'm in my transformation, that's when I knew I had my REVELATION...i.e. BCC 3 in 2012? Peace

  • new solo release scratched in favor of focusing on new BCC in june according to new interview with eric blair. its going to be a long wait for the next solo release :huh:

    so light a candle in the window.......
    i will be coming home tonite

  • Joe doesn't seem to have a problem putting out solo albums, touring &

    playing on other people's albums while still having time to write & record

    for BCC! So what gives with Glenn? :confused: He appears to be the only one

    in the band that really cares about it! I think Joe puts his solo career first!

    Seems Glenn is now using BCC as a crutch! :huh: Just hope that BCC 3 isn't

    the same as 1& 2! Need to see some growth!


  • Well said, Scott. I see it pretty much the same way. While for most of the others it was clear from the start that this was going to be just an occassional project, it was also obvious that Glenn wanted it to become a bit more than this. Being 60 now, one doesn't have that much time and many chances anymore as with 35, like Joe, but I think this was clear for many observers anyway, as far as I heard. Joe is right in the middle of his momentum now and to push his solo career even just a bit less would be the biggest mistake he can do. He is smart enough to know that, of course. Musically, Glenn doesn't need "crutches" anyway. The "crutches" only might help in the degree of attention you might receive. That's all and even this is not for sure. The "using X as a vehicle" thing does hardly work out anyway and it never did in the past too, as we all know. I hope Glenn realises that he can't force things and that he must take it as it comes, one day at a time and in the meanwhile he can do for what he needs noone else for: Creating superb music by himself and under his own name. The fans do love him for that. Not for the number of headlines in certain print magazines or for the number of TV appearances. They love him for the music.

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  • RATS! BCC has been very well represented this past year, between BCC 2 and the live DVD. I'd much rather see Glenn focus his attention on a new solo recording.

    Joe Bonamassa's been a busy guy. He released his solo album Black Rock in March of 2010, a live album in October 2010, Dust Bowl in March of 2011, BCC 2 came out in June, he released an album with Beth Hart in September, and then the BCC DVD came out in October. My gut feeling is Joe will grow weary of BCC if it keeps up the pace it has so far, and starts to affect his solo output - which is where he really shines. Is there any reason Glenn couldn't take a breather, recharge his batteries with a new solo release, then reconvene BCC in the fall? I'll bet if he was asked, Joe might prefer Glenn go off and do a solo record - which is where Glenn himself really shines - before taking on another BCC album so soon.

  • Its a strange one. Most fans, well the ones who post on their respective websites, seem to prefer the solo material. Glenn's fans, and i include myself in this,seem to prefer his solo material. Joe's fans also seem to prefer his solo material. I enjoy BCC, but it just doesnt have that Je ne sais quoi [Apologies to Stormie].That essence of Glenn, the mix of soul,funk,blues,rock,pop that most of his solo material encompasses.

    So there must be a new audience for BCC to make it worthwhile. I have a question for them, and the press. What is the difference in the quality of the BCC albums, and some of the solo stuff such as SITKOR, Soul Mover?

    Certainly i would have preferred a solo album next as opposed to new BCC.

    Actually, its not that strange. Glenn wants to be seen and heard by a bigger audience, after all, that is why he left Trapeze to join DP. I suspect that Glenn isn't following his heart and to me that's a shame. We've seen this before throughout his solo career where he's changed musical direction to keep the record companies happy as they wanted less funk and more rock on his albums. I can remember him being pretty scathing about simple rock music and how he found it unsatisfying around the time of the HTP albums, which i feel are as good as the BCC albums,others may disagree.

    Ultimately i feel Glenn has earned the right to make the music he wants to, to please himself, whether that decision is based on musical reasons, or business reasons, only he will know, and who are we to judge?

  • Focusing on BCC 3 probably makes more sense from a business perspective (or have they now peaked commercially?), yet I'd much rather see him make a new solo album instead. I feel BCC is slightly limited in where they can go musically, whereas Glenn solo always offers distinct variation from one album to the next (eg Soul Mover, Building the Machine, The Way It Is, SITKOR). This is what makes him so interesting to follow. With BCC 3 and Shirley in the producer's chair once again you can kind of tell how it's going to end up sounding.

    In my opinion, BCC's "classic rock" format slightly limits Glenn. Bonamassa doing Paul Kossoff style riffing is good for an album or two, but there's only so far you can go with that genre...

    Just my 2 cents. Interesting to hear what others think.

  • DanielB's comment about BCC 3 and Kevin Shirley had me thinking. I don't know how many of you have heard Joe Bonamassa's 2006 solo album You and Me, but it features Joe, Jason Bonham and was produced by Kevin Shirley - basically, 3/5 of Black Country Communion. And the sound of the album is stellar, which is why the production on the BCC albums perplexes me. THIS is what BCC should sound like...

    Bonamassa - Bridge to Better Days - YouTube[/ame]
    Glenn's albums have always had great production. Seems to me his songs are being done a disservice if they're buried in a lo-fi mix. Kevin Shirley and the band owe it to themselves, and to their listening audience, to make the material sound like a million bucks.

  • I tend to wish for Glenn the same as Chris, the starter of this thread, namely that Glenn would go into his next solo album with no pre-determined ideas about what KIND of music he's going to make. And I think a lot of people missed the point that Chris made in his second post, which was that he feels that if Glenn did that -- tried to simply make the best possible album he could (which to me is the feeling that the Trapeze and the Purple albums Glenn did and some of Glenn's solo albums have) and took his time until he was honestly totally happy with what he'd done that that kind of album would sell better than pre-conceiving that "the album will be rock" - even if that is what the market research points to how he should approach his next solo project. In other words, the point Chris and I are trying to make is that quality will trump, and eventually serve Glenn better than trying to appeal to what he imagines to be his present-day core audience. That's my wish. That the only guidelines Glenn has is that he wants to make music that he is honestly and deeply happy with, and that includes the productions of it, the sound of it. The best albums, in my opinion, e.g. something like (well, nothing's like...) Teaser, have about 5 genres represented on them. Albums where you never know what you're going to get next, where there are pleasant surprises around every corner, but with all of them you walk away saying "wow, that's just plain good music." I think that is all that Chris and I are advocating here. Good, honest, close-to-his-heart Glenn Hughes music. All barriers and boxes be damned! And of course that philosophy totally enables him to rock too when he feels like it.

  • Iam a Glenn fan from DPMK3 days and while I like the solo albums and the variety they bring I was blown away with BCC1 its a great album for blues rock fans, of which I am one.

    Some of that music really moved/ moves me and Glenn really does shine. Joe tweeted the other day that in his opinion the GD is the best ever rock vocal, hard to disagree.

    I also beleive that Kevin Shirley has been good for Glenn and the band format is where he really excels. BCC can be huge as there following grows outside of JB and GH fans its bringing new audiences to them both.

    Glenn's book has sold very well indeed and above expectations I think, would this have been the case without BCC, I doubt it.Glenn knows what is best for him and right now its BCC, thats just fine with me.

    Glenn is the main writer in BCC and therfore to write 2 quality albums in one year is a tall order, the relative success of BCC 3 will either break the band big time or, if it does the same level of business as 1 and 2 I expect it will end. So its a pretty important album no doubt to Glenn and his best songs will be on it that's for sure. The direction that that album takes I think will be really interesting to see how there styles develops.

    Bring on BCC 3 and hopefully a tour next year and with some luck a few dates in 2012 :)

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