• Hi everyone!
    I'm glad that I have joined the GH community here and it seems to be a nice and interesting place. I'm really looking forward to participate and get in touch about one topic or another. I'm working in the music business myself even though I'm not an active musician but as part of a management that takes care of several international muso's. I also like the BCC project a lot and I'd like to say that, in my humble opinion, Joe B is the greatest guitarist that Glenn has worked since Purple (except Iommi now). Its really highly exciting what is going on here and its understandable that Glenn is a bit sad about the bands hiatus in 2012. However, it gives us the chance to finally get to hear a follow-up of the superb "F.U.N.K." record!
    Although I understand the hype about BCC, I must admit that SITKOR was not a even a bit less great as the BCC records. I wish the media would have recognised it a bit more back then. Probably my favourite GH album, alongside ADDICTION and BTM.

    Cowards die many times, the valiant never taste the death but once - Caesar

  • Hi Katy, a bit late........ but your very welcome :thumbup:

    My favorites GLENN albums are BURN, STORMBRINGER, COME TASTE THE BAND, SEVENTH STAR and from the solo period From Now On; DEP sessions;The way it is: Songs in the Key of Rock and BCC (both albums).

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