What next for BCC

  • It seems to have gone very quite on future plans for BCC, has Glenn mentioned anything during the "BOOK TOUR"

    I was hoping there would be more dates next year, 2012 and possibly they would record BCC3, any ideas anyone? or when we might hear some news of future plans? :)

  • Well, I think it's very well known there's nothing more right now that Glenn would like to be doing... that is, touring non-stop with BCC, but with Joe B's solo plans well laid out for the next 12 months, any BCC live appearances appear to be on the back burner. Good news is, we might get a third album out of them, but at this point, I wouldn't expect any live dates to support it, at least not in '012.

    Meantime, there's lots to look forward to on the GH solo front over the next year... so not really a let down at all, but know what you mean!

  • Well, let's face it: This band has been 'put together'. And I am grateful to Kevin Shirley that he did so.

    However, these days you hardly find any 'normal' bands anymore, like DP, Led Zep, Queen, Uriah Heep and so on. They are all 'superbands' now. (Honestly, I can't hear that expression anymore... :rolleyes:)

    It must be difficult for someone who has a thriving solo career like Joe to adjust to being a member of a band.

    I just feel a bit sorry for Glenn as he mentioned so many times that BCC is the first real band for him since Purple and how much he enjoys it.

    So far I did not have the pleasure to see Glenn live with his solo band. Well, maybe one day it will be the Glenn Hughes Band... :bouncer:

    I just hope that Søren and the others will have a lot of time to tour with Glenn next year :thumbup:

    And as Glenn has promised to make another rock album, that will be more than a substitute for BCC! :bouncer:

    "I might have been born in Liverpool, but I grew up in Hamburg." John Lennon

  • I guess its a tough call for JB with his solo career really taking off after years of sloging on the road. Maybe its his time and that right now BCC would slow the momentem he has worked hard to build up. I get that I really do.

    From a selfish perspective I really love seeing GH in a true band, for me it brings the best out of him and BCC seems to be a great "musical home" for him, because that chemistry between the band is not easy to find and in my opinion is what really makes them stand out.

    It's great that Glenn will make a solo album and tour next year but I can't help but feel for what might have been for BCC if they were to tour again next year. Maybe the sales of BCC were not quite enough to persuade JR Adventures to put more emphasis on BCC in light of JB, solo sales looking equall or even stronger, just a thought.

  • I think you're right.
    BCC needs to break big in the US.
    Maybe a package tour with Chickenfoot or support slot on a forthcoming Black Sabbath (?) Tour.

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