Trapeze Plays At (Chuck) Berry Park

  • Ever since finding out from Tom Galley that Trapeze played a show at Chuck Berry's property, I've been trying to gather info on it, since I lived in a small town down the road from where Chuck lived at the time. I came across two guys who are now facebook friends of mine. One who attended the show and the other played in a band that was the opening act. I've pasted his comments below of what he told me of that night. His name is Chuck Kiel and his band at the time was CK Thunder.

    I've been trying to get in a chapter or two of Glenn's book between packing house getting ready for our move next month....yes, we sold our house and are moving back to the St. Louis area to be closer to family....I got to the part where Tony Perry talks about the show at Berry Park. I didn't realize that was Glenn's last appearance with the band before leaving for DP and was glad to get an exact date of when it happened.
    I sure would lilke to thumb through that notebook of Tony's ;) are Chuck's comments on the night.


    Hey Chip i wish i had some info too i really liked Trapeze , but what happened that day was we went on first , then lee michaels , then Trapeze , we had just got done it started to drizzle , I had just got my marshalls recovered white , lee michaels road manager comes up to me and asked me if lee could use my amps I said sorry i am the only one using these amps , as it started to drizzle we took our equipment down as quick as we could and left Trapeze played after lee michaels , we would have had to stick around a while to see them, i have a few pics of that day somewhere but they were takin' just of me before we went on , and one of our bass player they wouldn't be of much use as of the performance, we played at chuck berry's property a lot and performed at his night club too right in back of his swimming pool , sorry i couldn't be of more use i really would have liked to have watched Trapeze , i did really like that band i am working on some orig. stuff , working on putting it on a cd, as soon as i get some of it finished i will let you know you have just brought back some good memories for me thanks bro, talk at ya later, luv ya

    PS - David, if you haven't done so already, you can update the Tourography with this date. June 17, 1973 - Berry Park - Wentzville, Missouri :thumbup:


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