Birmingham - An Evening with Glenn Hughes - Glee Club

  • 'An Evening With Glenn Hughes'

    'A solo acoustic performance and excerpts from his life story'

    "I Don't Want To Live That Way Again"

    [ame='']I don't want to live that way again - Glenn Hughes - The Glee Club, Birmingham 15 Nov 2011 - YouTube[/ame]


    [ame='']Cold - Glenn Hughes - The Glee Club, Birmingham 15 Nov 2011 - YouTube[/ame]

  • Last nights show was yet another demonstration of pure God given talent :bow:

    This was Glenn in the raw and at his emotional best. Each song told a story and brought back memories that at times brought a tear to his eyes - This House especially when he had to tell himself to hold it together.

    I thought Frail (about his Grandmother) was superb and along with Too Late To Save The World were both better than on their original albums.

    Other highlights for me were Coast to Coast, From Now On, Crossfire, Little Secret and IDWTLTWA. Hey, every song was brilliant (obviously) :D

    I've been saying it for years but an acoustic album has got to be released! :yes:

    Each song got a bit of a story told and Glenn also asked a couple of times in each half of the show for people to call out a number and he read from that page. A brilliant idea expertly executed :thumbup:

    I sat with Annette Galley & Tony and Suzi Perry and it was great to hear Glenn mimic Tony's Black Country accent when reading a piece from the book :eek: :lol:

    And talking of the book, every copy available to buy had been signed in advance but if you wanted a personal message adding Glenn was available to sign after the show. I would guess at least 50 people lined up. I'm told that in London he spent an hour signing and they sold nearly 200 copies!
    £15 each by the way and credit cards accepted.

    Yes Chip, i got you a book :thumbup: :)

    The Glee Club was a great venue for this kind of performance and not a spare seat in the place. Eveyone listened in awe and you could have heard a pin drop such was the atmosphere and appreciation of the performance.

    There was no flash photography or filming allowed so those videos might be the only 2 that end up on youTube. I'm guessing that they chanced their arm as they were the last two songs - although i may just have a better video of IDWTLTWA as i took a chance too! Not watched it yet as i'm posting this from work.

    Set List was shorter than London - no Womans Role, YKOM, IFAW or Faithless but still 1 1/2 hours long. Two 45 minute sets with a 20 minute interval.

    Nice to also see Martin and Marie, Mikey, Mike Moore, The Perrys, Lee Small, and Raven Vandelle there too :)

    All in all a top show from a top bloke :bow: :thumbup: :clapper: :claphands

  • An absolutely outstanding show which was 100% heart and soul.

    I challenge anyone to have not felt emotional listening to the stories behind Glenn's songs and how raw and honest he was being.

    The set list was phenominal and I absolutley adored From Now On and I Don't Want to Live That Way Again.

    Glenn has many tales to tell and is so entertaining as he talks about annecdotes he associates with certain songs, people and events.

    Glenn isn't just singing and playing a guitar on these nights, he is really feeling his songs, and delivering the personal meaning of the songs which is such a gift and anyone who has been to or will be going to one of these shows really is getting something to special.

    Glenn joked that he is no Joe Bonamassa before he was playing Little Secret, but no disrespect to Joe, he is a super talent with the guitar, but there is no way that he would have been able to deliver a performance on such a real, emotional and engaging level.

    Glenn you have exceded yourself again and I can't wait to do it all over again in Nottingham and Manchester.

    Yes the books are flogging quickly on the merch as Wolfy pointed out so snap one up early if you want one, all presigned and being pesonalised at the end of the show.

    I overheard one person getting his book signed thanking G for inspiration during his own recovery which really moved me. So here's to the book providing inspiration to many more.

    Good to see the usual suspects again, Wolfy, Anette, Mikey D, Raven Vandelle, Adam, Piers and looking forward to seeing more of you at the next 2 shows xxx

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