• This is a topic I’ve been meaning to post for months!

    Over a year ago a mate of mine phoned me up and asked if I would be interested in going to a “Music Night” at his house. “It sounds a bit nerdy” he said, “but it’s a great night out”. And indeed it was and so have all the other ones since.

    Basically every couple of months 5 or 6 of us meet up at his house with 5 or 6 tracks each we want the others to hear (we aim for a max of 30 songs so number of songs each depends on who’s there). We bring our own beers and all pitch in with some snacks :cheers: :yes:

    There are only 2 rules:

    1) No “Classics” e.g for DP you can’t play SOTW but you could have something like Same In LA (which I played last time out).

    2) There is always one themed song in your selection i.e. the host says a song has to include a certain thing. The last few themes have included - the colour Green in the title, must be a female singer, song released in 1973, a family relative etc.

    No-one knows what others have brought and we put our cds in blank cases with just a PostIt Note on the outside to say the track name and number.
    Then the host mixes them all up and we play them one by one (loudly of course) with occasional breaks for more beers from the fridge :cheers: smokes outside, visits to the loo and the chance for my mate Neil to tell more terrible jokes :lol2:

    After/during each song we write a few notes of what we liked or didn’t like etc and give it a mark out of 20 – but keep it all to ourselves. But we do say stuff like " i liked that", "great solo", "sounded like ...", " terrible singer" etc

    Then after the final song we go through our thoughts on each song and give our scores :yap:

    There are no prizes for the highest overall score or individual song – just the satisfaction of knowing people liked your tracks.

    The group of us are all rock fans but all with slightly different tastes so we get a really good selection. Some of the songs have really blown me away and others have been a shock when I have found out the band. There have also been plenty I have hated! :yes:

    Although a GHCP I have actually not played much as I haven’t wanted people to think they’ll get a GH song each time. In fact I’ve only played Valiant Denial ( which went down an absolute storm! :cool1: ), HTP – Losing My Head, DP – High Ball Shooter instrumental and Same In LA as previously mentioned. However, others have brought in GH on John Norum’s album, 7th Star and BCC and all been enjoyed ;)

    You’ll be pleased to know my highest scoring song so far is Wild Dogs from :bow: Tommy Bolin’s Whips and Roses cd. 2 of the others bought the cd as a result of hearing it!

    After each event I’ve thought “if only Chip lived locally” :hi2: What a night that would be with your vast music collection :yes: St Louis isn’t any closer than Phoenix though so not much chance of that!

    My next event is tomorrow night and it’s this that has spurred me on to finally post about these great nights to hopefully encourage someone on here to start the same thing up with their friends.

    I’ve tended to have a mix of old, new, bonus tracks from reissues and stuff I think is an undiscovered classic. You wouldn’t believe how hard it is just to choose 5 songs. I spend a whole week trying to decide and often change my mind the night before :eek: This time I’ve got 5 albums lined up and just deciding the songs.

    I’ll let you know how it goes if you’re interested.

    :ghcp: "It's in my blood"

  • That is a great idea for a music night, Paul! :cool:

    I used to host music nights practically every week, inviting a few of my best friends over to talk and listen to whatever whoever chose from my collection.

    This usually went on for hours and hours, including Music DVD sessions here and there and whatever fell in anybodys hands.

    Yet since I have been working a lot of overtime in recent and not so recent times, there is just not enough time for this anymore, and I miss those nights!

    Excellent reminder for starting again! :thumbup:

    Or shall I book a flight to Birmingham? ... :D




  • Hey Chris, wouldnt it be great if you could come over for one!

    but how would you choose 5 songs from your vast collection?

    Here's full list of songs from last night in their running order - quite a mixture

    Symphony X - Children of a Faceless God
    Wolfsbane - Did it for the money
    Airbourne - Cheap wine and cheaper women
    Alter Bridge - Rise Against
    Rival Sons - Pressure and time
    Celtic Frost - Mexican Radio
    Rob Zombie - Super Beast
    Shy - Union of Souls
    Wolfmother - 10,000 feet
    T Rex - Buick McCane
    Thunder - Future Train
    Led Zep - Babe Im Gonna leave
    Humble Pie - As safe as yesterday
    Opeth - Slither
    The answer - Why do you change your mind
    Derek sherinian - Ghost Runner
    Ministry - Jesus built my hotrod
    Rival Sons - Burn down los angeles
    Toy Matinee - last plane out
    Free - Sail On
    Masters of Reality -The Blue Garden
    Stray - Jericho
    Chevy - Firebird 350
    St Jude - Garden of Eden
    Dream Theatre - On the backs of Angels
    Burn Halo - Rest my soul
    Budgie - Breadfan
    Vega - Kiss of Life
    Soren Anderson - Lavender in my calendar
    Katatonia - The longest year

    :ghcp: "It's in my blood"

  • Buick Mackane! Now yer talkin' Wolfy! :cool: 'Rainy Lady, Queen of the rock will ya help me roll' :bow: :lol:

    And wonderful to see Stray in there too :thumbup: Howsabout sticking Strife's School in there next week?

    What a great way to spend an evening.

    'You thought that you could take me for granted, but I couldn't take it no more. Better run if you see me coming ... '

  • So true, Paul - only 5 songs is really tough!
    And one down already: I would definitely have brought Toy Matinée's Last Plane Out... what a song! what an album!

    Even if I say now, that it will happen, we will probably ask ourselves one day: Where Did The Time Go? :D



  • great idea to hear new songs or bands u mite not know about-play more BUDGIE :thumbup:

  • Hey Shirl,

    nice to see someone who's heard of Stray!

    that was one on my songs. i just bought the 2nd and 3rd albums (the reissued ones with bonuses and great booklet) on cd for less than a fiver each on amazon. Suicide is the better album. Shame they didn't hit the big time.

    And was really impressed with the Shy track. Lee Small's vocals are as good as ever. it got my joint highest score of the night. must get the new album!

    :ghcp: "It's in my blood"

  • Sounds like a really neat idea Paul.
    I think if Chris and Chip were to join you there would need to be a few changes such as MUSIC MONTH instead of NIGHT :)

    "if only we'd turn around and notice the door to the cell is open"

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