"where is my family?!"

  • :huh: Hi,

    ok, i was thinkin' a lil hard to tell you this on this forum, and although some of you might chuckle about it , i want to try to tell what happened.

    A few days ago in the morning, i was just at the border between sleep and awake, suddenly i heard a loud but gentle voice clearly saying to me the following: "Where is my family?!"
    The voice was loud just near to my ear but also like far away, the words were very clear articulated, it was a young mans voice i never heard before. The voice was not without emotion but not forcing, hm.. very strange.
    Some of you might think like me it was a spiritual message, ok i have my faith but i am indeed a lil touched.


  • Hi Sigurd, when i read your post i stopped cold. Had a experience like yours' myself in the past week or so. Same - just on the verge of waking - and heard my brothers voice. He had long passed in an accident back in 1971. He said "Get up, time to go." :huh: Looking at the clock i could see that it was nearing time to go to work. Just wanted to share that. Dunno, maybe the veil between spirit and material is getting thinner?

  • :cool: thanx trapezoid for your words, i never expected so quick a member here who's got an equal experience.
    I guess you had a strong connection to your brother, and so certainly you could recognize his voice immediatly. Beautiful.

    For me it is important to stay in a sensual case, i also think the wall between our "usual" world and the spirit is getting thinner. The last years i have such a feeling. And , well I'm a musician, and i'm used to get excited by waves, ok?!
    Just try to sort out ordinary feelings or the bubbling of my own thoughts trough the day. (" too much living in my head" a lyric from Glenn, guess on "music for the divine?)
    so be open but straight, feet on the ground and hands in the air!
    Sigurd :bouncer:

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