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  • :cool: Hi everyone,
    yesterday i bought my first Flying V guitar, and i must say it is a real baby, which got incredible tone for the price!. It is no Gibson, it is a Epiphone, a beautiful 58ties model with korina wood and alnico pickups.
    It has a breathing percussive tone and a lot punch in the bottom.
    I like Epiphone, also this little 5 :lol: watts amp!
    So i have lot's of fun at the moment as you can imagine,

    Sigurd :bouncer:

  • Ah yep, have fun and take care of her ;) Reminds me on the time three years ago when i got my red Gibson Les Paul, i`m still in love with her :heart:

  • :) Hi,
    when i was in the guitar shop i checked the guitar just playing it dry, and there was also a Gibson Flying V in white, but it didn't sound as loud as this Epiphone, wow. But perhaps probably the pickups in the Gibson were better. For me the best Gibson pickups are Burstbuckers#1, but i want to try the BB#2 next time, for a lil more gain, hope they have not less air.
    Anyone who could tell about the BB#2?

    Sigurd :bouncer:

  • :cool: Hi,

    a lot of water floating down the Rhine, i want to tell you about the evolution of my Epiphone Flying V.
    I am really happy with it because i changed a lot.

    At first i found that the deep E string was a Little too high at the saddle, so i fixed it slightly using a fine sandpaper.
    Now i could adjust the bridge properly, also adjusted the trussrod very carefully.
    By polishing the frets the guitar can be played absolutly free, it can be shredded fast although the neck is real thick.

    The changing of the pickups brought the guitar lightyears forward.

    The burstbuckers came out, i did a Dimarzio Crunchlab humbucker to
    bridge-Position and a
    Dimarzio Aktivator X (bridge) soldered as SINGLEcoil at neckposition.

    The sound is immense living, breathing, juicy and PUNCHY now!! :D

    I trashed the riff of "Still Of The Night" and it works better than on my Gibson Les Paul.
    The Epiphone Flying V is a highly characterful guitar, with very quick response and endless harmonics.

    I put the golden covers on the modern pickups, so the good look stays the same as before!


  • So - when do we get the chance to hear the tuned beast? ;)

    In case you're interested - here's a quite lengthy and interesting interview with Bernie Marsden, talking about his career.

    [ame='']Interview with Bernie Marsden - YouTube[/ame]

    "I might have been born in Liverpool, but I grew up in Hamburg." John Lennon

  • I went through many guitars before I settled on a flying V...I actually have 2 now a 2009 Gibson in white and a 2011 in Black. I grew up with a gibson les paul custom, sold it for a kramer stagemaster deluxe one, quit playing for a while, and when it came time to get another guitar I just couldn't find what I was looking for. I found many guitars I liked, but not one that was my go to guitar. I tried many different G&L, Fender, Gibson and even played my friends Carvin Guitars, all of which were great in their own way, but just not a fit for me.

    Both Gibson Vs are awesome...most people laugh at them, but once they are heard, both clean and dirty, their mouth is shut...I can tell you too I purchased a used Gibson Supreme in white...looked killer, but straight out of the box I knew it was going back. I also owned an Explorer.

    In addition to my Gibson Vs I have a G&L Z3 which I love too, it's semi hollow with no f-hole so it's light like my Vs; it has ceramic single coils wound like a humbucker...It has a somewhat Fender-esque sound, but it fatter and noiseless. I has the longer scale so it's good when you want more room between frets. It definite offers a broader tonal range than the Gibson. I also had a luthier split my Gibson pickups and the tones are great especially both pickups using one coil.

  • congrats on getting your first flying v!!
    iv'e got the same epi '58 reissue korina v and the same valve junior!!!


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