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  • :cool: posting a new version of "Rockn' Roll Preacher", which is now a complete band version and i'm grateful that i was able to record this song with these guys. Richie sung the song the way the song has to be done! We tried to get this burning hungry feeling Rockn' Roll should be, and we recorded it all life without overdubs, except Richies vocals.
    Please feel free to criticize, i hope you'll enjoy this stuff! :bouncer:
    Sigurd Kross

  • I'm a bit surprised that nobody answered this posting yet. I didn't want to be the first because I'm no musician but maybe an answer of a layman is better than none at all.

    First of all: respect for this recording! I like the melodies, the singing and the guitar solo playing in between a lot. Sounds good to me and shows some skills. The lyrics aren't too much my cup of tea (too religious) and for my ears the instruments don't sound clear enough when they all play together. But I bet the technics can be improved and the lyrics are just taste, you can't satisfy everyone and I bet a lot of other people will love it.
    The main thing is that you and your band enjoy what you're doing! Good luck for the future!

  • :cool: posting a new version of "Rockn' Roll Preacher"
    Sigurd Kross

    Enjoy I did, thanks Sigurd.
    Were you somehow influenced by Inga Rumpf & Atlantis?
    My, what a great band they were! :bouncer: :clapper:

    [ame='']Atlantis -- Rock' n Roll Preacher (1972) - YouTube[/ame]

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  • :cool: oh, what kind of valuable critics for this track, thanx Geosoulberlin!
    I think you don't take it serious that you may not being a musician to write the first words here, ha ha.
    But that's what you've heard out from the song is more i ever expected cause there's one thing very important for me. We really liked what we were doing, playing together with the guys and getting connected is the main thing.
    If the joy and the burning comes over, we are happy with it.
    A few weeks after putting it on the forum i ran another mix indeed, which seems to be a lil more clearer, i'll do it on my soundcloudsite soon.
    Thanx also Lioness for your words, and it's interesting but i did not know this song from Inga Rumpf but know and like her as one of the best german rocksingers over the years.
    I saw her 2 years ago in a great unplugged concert in a church in my town, she's a big soul.
    best regards

  • I think you don't take it serious that you may not being a musician to write the first words here, ha ha.

    Hi Sigurd,
    without joke I was meaning that serious. And I'm glad that you're okay with my feedback. Let us know the link to your next recording when it's up, okay?
    Best regards, Heidi

  • Hi Sigurd!
    Not bad at all! Really! The singer has a decent voice and the mix is very much "in your face" which I like. Muscular bass as well ;) A bit less reverb on the drums & guitars would probably be fine, but hey, its awesome, Sigurd. Habt ihr wirklich klasse gemacht :cool:


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