9/11 remembered

  • Ben and Lioness, THANK YOU for remembering this dark day in US history.....:claphands

    How can we forget? How can I not remember? These bastards lived in my hometown for several years, studied at university, preparing their devious act. Maybe I sat on the same tube with them... :mad:
    The flat where they lived has been vacated for nine years. Nobody wanted to live where the terrorism started. Sometimes US tourists, who visit our city, go to the address and take a picture.
    Even more curious: this Atta person still gets letters...

    Love & Peace

    "I might have been born in Liverpool, but I grew up in Hamburg." John Lennon

  • I was watching another documentary last night where they showed a lot of video clips that had been taken by private persons. You could feel the horror again very close about what was happening there. My thoughts went to the people who lost family or close friends and I was wondering how they must feel when they see all these pictures again.

    What is always depressing me a lot with tragedies like 9/11, killing sprees and similar actions is the fact that humans are killing other humans (not even talking about wars). I wonder if we will ever reach a kind of civilisation where murder is no subject anymore and we really care for each other...

    Joining the words of lioness: love & peace!

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