Happy Birthday Glenn

  • Yes, would love to see a photo of Glenn blowing out some candles :)

    But only as long as he didn't get fooled like the guy below:


    Well, you've let him blow long enough now! Go tell him that the candles are electrical...

  • Dear Glenn,
    very happy B-day-wishes from Austria to you :birthday: and thank you for your soul and generosity that keeps you being the head of this family,

  • :cool: Dear Glenn,
    a happy Birthday for you and all love for you and your people!
    You did so much for us Rockn' Roll kids and i wanna thank for this, especielly the last time with BCC.
    I'm happy you have found with BCC your band, which is such a great experience for us all.
    Thanks for your wisdom, your honesty, your faith and carrying the flag such a long time.
    I was blown away by your singing and bassplaying on the concerts i saw.

    You have inspired me strong and I'm happy that i could go into a studio whole last week with my band recording lots of songs and had precious time.
    Your spirit was there i can tell!

    Last but not least i want to tell you about a book i read in the last month
    that could be very interesting for you too.
    It is "You must change your life" from philosoph Peter Sloterdyk.
    Its about the evolution of human beings, its about growing and that we perhaps should be today practicing-minded people. And so much more..

    best regards
    Sigurd Kross :bouncer: :birthday:

  • Hope you had a blast :rose:

    'You thought that you could take me for granted, but I couldn't take it no more. Better run if you see me coming ... '

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