JON LORD is fighting cancer!

  • Very GOOD news about Jon. Ian Paice did last week an interview on Planet Rock. He told about JON that there are no more cancer cells being produced anymore and that the rather new treatment is going very well. He said also "we are already thinking that he (JON) may be back working in April or May 2012" :thumbup:

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  • Now some very good news: JON was recording last week in Abbey Road Studios :) He was working on the first ever studio recording of The Concerto For Group and Orchestra :)

    Two more pics of the late 2011 Concerto recording.
    1st one thanks to Kasia Laska
    2nd one thanks to DP Overseas

    Boy, am I glad whenever I find photos of Lordy!

    :bow: :)

  • Very good news. JON is doing his first concerto this year. He does the Durham Concerto in Hagen, Germany on July 6. So it seems that good old JON LORD is getting healthy again, superb :thumbup:

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  • :cool: i'm ordering tickets, i am so happy that this concert is gonna happen,
    i feel a bit like a child again waiting for christmas to come,
    see ya Willem and thanx for the good news,
    lol and greets :D


  • You're very welcome Sigurd. Good news indeed. Hope there will be in the near future also the chance to see the JON LORD BLUES project. Last time unfortunately JON went ill. A the best for JON's health! Hope to see the Blues Project in the future, maybe next year. But of course that JON is getting better is the most important thing :thumbup:

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  • of course it is... :thumbup: but if you have the chanse to see that Jon Lord Blues Project go go go !! it's really terrific ! :clapper: :clapper:

  • Indeed great news.
    Sadly at the same day I leave for my holidays.
    I would have loved to see Jon back in action.
    On the other hand I deserve this holiday :D

  • I'm more into blues-rock than classical. So I gues the Blues Project is more my kinda thing than this Durham show. Of course I am happy for JON and wish all the fans (like Sigurd) who go to this Hagen concert a real good time. I personally wait for the Jon Lord Blues project to come :thumbup:

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  • This is a short TV clip from Jon's concert in Krasnodar, April 2011. It is of course in Russian, however, you can hear very clearly what Jon wishes for himself:

    "Health - I want to stay healthy"

    This is our wish for the maestro too - stay healthy, Jon! :thumbup:

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  • What a pity that it is really expensive to go from Berlin to Hagen by train. I would have to pay more for me as a single person then I paid for my partner and myself flying to Manchester. Plus there's a bad chance of return (5 hours instead of 3,5 hours, going the night through until the early morning).
    I would have loved to see him performing his classical work because I like classical music as well. Maybe another time, lots of enjoyment to every one going to see him! :)

    That's it - hopelessly addicted to the voice from Cannock... 8)

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