BCC live in Glasgow (Scotland), UK

  • Glenn and Black Country Communion played at O2 Academy in Glasgow (Scotland), UK tonight :cool:

    Black Country
    One Last Soul
    The Battle For Hadrian's Wall
    Song Of Yesterday
    I Can See Your Spirit
    Save Me
    The Ballad Of John Henry
    The Outsider
    (Keyboard solo)
    Sista Jane

    Man In The Middle

    You can also find a bunch of pix from the gig here :camera:


    ... plus an outstanding review... :thumbup:


  • Well folks, Friday night arrived with some anticipation!

    A queue to get in and ready for Michael Schenker. A good set of MSG old and new, Scorpions and UFO -his note perfect intro to Rockbottom from Strangers in the Night was a highlight. Band were fine and had ex Scorpions tub thumper Hermann Rarebell on drums. Theywere joined by Pete Way (UFO) for a couple of numbers and Chris Glen (ex SAHB and MSG).

    As for BCC, venue pretty much full downstairs (did nt see upstairs) and very warm. Sound varied during the night with Glenn's bass almost unhearable most of the night. G's voice was spot on as always with few of the vocal gymnastics of his solo gigs. A 'band' performance by G and the rock star postures a good foil for Joe Bonamassa who was a little further back on the stage, possibly due to the huge monitor desk on the side of the stage.

    Joe is the real deal and on songs like Hadrians Wall and the awesome Song For Yesterday he can make the guitar sing like no other guitarist I have seen.

    Jason B was solid and gave the tubs a good bash as well as providing some good backing vocals.

    Derek S is no showman and seemed quite withdrawn with little emotion. His keyboard solo was not necessary and killed the atmosphere (IMHO).

    Overall a good gig, pity about the sound. When i saw Joe B at the Royal Concert Hall on his last tour the sound was crystal clear and you could hear all of the instruments. Perhaps being a bit picky here.

    Would I see them again - yes! But not sure if the band will have a long term future. Just a feeling I have.

  • The BCC show in Glasgow last night was spectacular. I won't post a full review as much has already been said about this tour and you can see the video clips for yourselves.

    But what I would like to say is this. I've seen every show Glenn has played in Scotland since he started touring again in the early 90's. Several have been in my home city, Glasgow. Some have been in crap clubs (remember how awful the Cathouse was in '96, Glenn?) to small but appreciative audiences.

    So, to see Glenn play to a packed O2 Academy in my home city last night and get a reception as good as I've ever seen a band get in Glasgow, left me overwhelmed with pride.

    As Derek Sherinian tweeted 'Killer show tonite Glasgow!!'.


  • Agree with all your comments Chris. 'Good' is how I would rate it. I detect a slight disappointment in your review? If that's the case then I feel the same. While it was great to see Glenn at a larger-than-usual venue, to be honest the gig didn't match the GH solo show in Edinburgh earlier this year. That was a killer show, and this didn't quite live up to it. There was virtually no interaction between Bonham/Sherinian, and Sherinian's lack of showmanship was strange as I thought he left Dream Theater due to being too much of a showman??

    Having said that there were some fantastic moments. Save Me was the highlight for me, brilliant performance. The Ballad Of John Henry was another great moment with some wonderful theremin and slide from Joe B. Crossfire is great on record but didn't really work as well live.

    Schenker was brilliant, but then his set was full of crowd-pleasers. The 2 new songs bode well for the forthcoming album; the second song in particular (don't know the name) was excellent and was in the same league as the older classics. Pete Way is a legend and managed to stay upright throughout his short time onstage!

    So all in all, good rather than great.


  • Chris: I agree with you that the sound mix wasn't brilliant, but I could hear Glenn's bass fine.

    Weissheim: I agree that the show in Edinburgh earlier this year was fantastic. One of the best GH solo shows I've ever seen. The sound was perfect that night.

    But I really can't agree with anything else you guys say about the BCC show in Glasgow. If you both feel a slight sense of disappointment and rate the show only as 'good', then you are in a very small minority of those who were there, judging by the rapturous reception. The review via the link that David has provided is a much more accurate reflection of the show than anything you guys have said.

    You don't actually say it clearly, but I get the feeling that you enjoyed MSG more than BCC. Where do I start with MSG? I was cringing with embarrassment throughout their set. I equate it to watching your dad dancing really badly at a wedding. It was dated and 'old school' (but not in a cool way); it was pure Spinal Tap (but without the knowing sense of humour); it was perfect ammunition for those who don't like rock music to mock those of us who do. Also, I hadn't realised previously just how poor a drummer Herman Rarebell is. If it wasn't bad enough to start with, the ridiculousness went off the scale by the time Pete Way and Chris Glenn joined in. I'm all for musicians performing into their 50s and 60s (GH is a perfect example), but some people really should know better and just give up gracefully. The only positive thing I can say is that the one who was least guilty of these offences was Schenker himself, who was actually not bad.

    If Glenn was touring with a band that looked, sounded and performed like MSG, I'd be having a quiet word in his ear and suggesting that he slip off quietly into retirement.

    The difference in the standard of performance and song quality of the two bands on the night could not have been more stark. MSG rocked liked it was 1981. BCC rocked like it was 2011.

    Much has been said about BCC being a retro band and how they make a very '70s sound. This, of course, is partly true and the band themselves would be the first to admit it. But it's one thing to be stuck in a time warp with no clue how to move forward (MSG) and quite another to wear your retro influences proudly on your sleeve but push things along with a contemporary edge for a new century (BCC).

    Playing with consummate musicians like Bonamassa (sublime in every sense), Bonham and Sherinian is where it's at for Glenn. And quite rightly so.

    Sorry Chris and Weissheim, but I really have to say you've called this one wrong.


  • Cameron

    "MSG rocked like it was 1981"

    Diary of a Madman, Killers, Mob Rules, Come An' Get It, The Wild The Willing and The Innocent, Difficult To Cure, Future Shock

    Give me a time machine now!! :)

    Seriously, MS played a crowd-pleasing set and I loved every minute of it. Yes, it was probably the easy option, but the reaction they got from the crowd on RYLAH and Rock Bottom was amazing.

    The BCC gig was by far the most expensive show I've ever seen at the Academy. Most gigs there are at least £10 cheaper, and that includes big name acts. I saw Alter Bridge there last year and the tickets were £18! BCC was almost £50 including booking fees!! To be perfectly honest I would think twice about paying that much to see them again. It was good, but I've seen many other bands at less-inflated prices deliver equally good shows. GH's Edinburgh gig was about half the price of BCC!

    Your comments about MS not having a clue how to move forward. I think the second new song proved that he does. It didn't sound retro to me, and on first listen I think it could prove to be a classic Schenker moment.


  • Quote

    While his presence was felt on ‘Black Country’, it wasn’t until the release of ‘2’ that we began to feel the true depth that Derek Sherinian brings to the Black Country Communion material; an area that Hughes openly addressed. It isn’t until you watch and listen to Black Country Communion live that you fully appreciate his role as his performance simply lifts each song and the manner in which he performs could be felt within the crowd as they reacted warmly to his interactions.

    From the review of "espyrock" with some more photos:


    "I might have been born in Liverpool, but I grew up in Hamburg." John Lennon

  • Weissheim,

    The cost of the tickets is something I've not touched on in my posts. We can agree to disagree on the various merits of BCC and MSG, but I'm with you in respect of the ticket price.

    When I first saw BCC in Wolverhampton last year, I was surprised that the ticket cost £40 plus booking fee. But, as there were only two shows that year, and demand was high, tickets sold well. I was even more surprised when the tickets for the full British tour this year were also priced at £40. This is more expensive than tickets to see many more popular, better known and well established acts. I paid less to see Whitesnake in the same venue recently.

    I was actually concerned that the BCC show might not be well attended, just because of the ticket price. In the end, I was delighted to see a packed venue. A lot of people pushed the boat out for this one. I think it was risky to set the price so high, but it seems to have worked.

    Bottom line is, I guess I'll always pay to see GH live and buy anything he puts out, whatever the cost - after all, I even went so far as to pay for the deluxe version of the autobiography - but that doesn't mean I think it's good value for money compared to other bands.


  • Perhaps need to explain my self a little more here. I have been a huge fan of Glenn's since I first heard his bass playing on DP's Made in Europe and have bought everything he has released since.

    I was fortunate to see JB at the Royal Concert Hall in Glasgow on his last solo tour and he was immense and easily one of the top 10 gigs I have ever been to. He makes the guitar sing like no other. I just have a feeling JB will leave as playing out n out classic heavy rock isnt him, except every so often. The songs he has brought to BCC are classics!

    As for the O2, I saw UFO/ Quireboys there a few years ago and The Cult earlier this year and the sound was good. At BCC it wasnt. We were stood on the raised area by the mixing desk on DS's side of the stage amd could nt hear him or G' sbass. Having said that, watched the youtube clips and listening to my recording (naughty i know!!), the sound is very, very good and you can hear everything inc DS's keys! Is it my hearing?

    The show was good but not exceptional. I would see them again no doubt.

    As for MS, a classic hits set and he played the intro to Rockbottom perfectly. if that doesn t make you want to break out the flying V air geetar nothing will! New songs were in the classic rock vein but would find a whole evening of this a little boring maybe.

    On a run of good gigs at the moment and having seen Iron Maiden (in Newcastle) they provided far better value in money terms. They were very very good and can't think why I have nt seen them for 20 odd years.

    The Journey/ Foreigner/ Styx bill was excellent value for money even if Styx and Foreigner did blow Journey off stage!

    Got Mr Big and Alice Cooper also to come this year.

  • Hi Chris,

    Agree with u about Foreigner. Kelly Hansen stole the show at the LG Arena with Styx not far behind. Journey played great and a great setlist but Arnel just doesnt have the stage presence or front guy persona needed for a big band. superb voice tho that could indeed be Perry at his best.

    2 guys at work just been to Maiden in Brum and both came back raving how brilliant Dickinson was. not seem them since Number of Beast era!

    as for MSG v BCC it was no contest in Manchester. but he was in a no win situation with such a short time allotted. Greatest hits or new stuff? take the easy option as a support band. I saw schenker twice the other year when he played loads of small venues and played a full set. he had Glenn's old drummer Tom Broman, who's miles better than H.R. and also Leif Sundin, again better than this singer, schenker was simply brilliant.

    the sound at Wolverhampton last year was WAY BETTER than Manchester but they had Kevin Shirley come over for that show to help with the sound!

    as for ticket prices - look at it as being half the price of Take That, Madonna, Roger Waters etc rather than £25 more than a GH solo show.

    :ghcp: "It's in my blood"

  • Agree with u about Foreigner. Kelly Hansen stole the show at the LG Arena with Styx not far behind. Journey played great and a great setlist but Arnel just doesnt have the stage presence or front guy persona needed for a big band. superb voice tho that could indeed be Perry at his best.

    Agreed. Foreigner are far and away the best band I've seen this year. Simply stunning and blew Journey off stage.


    as for ticket prices - look at it as being half the price of Take That, Madonna, Roger Waters etc rather than £25 more than a GH solo show.

    These are all huge arena or stadium shows, hardly comparable to a debut theatre tour.

    Again, compare to Alter Bridge. £18 in the Academy last year. Now stepped up to arena shows and prices are £24. Ok, these prices are lower than average, but if AB can do it why not BCC?


  • You can now find a few pix from the gig in the "Tour Pix" section of the site :cool1:

    Just had a look, very good quality and nice shots! Full of energy but I like the one of Glenn with the big smile most. And believe me, I would smile twice as much if he comes to Germany as well this year!
    (Okay, shut up, Heidi :D)

    That's it - hopelessly addicted to the voice from Cannock... 8)

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