Soul Sister Amy

  • I just came home and read about the death of Amy Winehouse. Shock. Even though it's not really surprising I was always hoping she would still make it, also after the last bad news.

    In a German forum they welcome her to the "club 27". I'm not suspicious but it's so damn curious that Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison and Kurt Cobain died with 27 as well.

    I loved Amy's voice and soul, it's really sad that she didn't succeed the f***ing drugs. My feelings go to her family. If it's true her father said some time ago that his daughter is dying a long a painful death. I wish he would have been mistaken. Hopefully her restless soul is finding some peace now.

    Last year I was visiting the Swedish island Gotland and a very special rock formation reminded me of her and inspired me for some poetic lines. Whoever is interested can see both here:….php?id=773756&d=22967274

    @Glenn: I'm again deeply thankful that you could escape this terrible stuff...

  • Unfortunate, but not unexpected. As for the "club 27", it's not as strange as if they had died on the same day of the month or all by unexplained circumstances. They all had issues, just like tens of thousands of average Joe's around the world. They just happened to be famous. Anyway, RIP Amy Winehouse.

  • :( Amy Winehouse, you were an excellent singer, you brought out soulmusic to a new high level, your voice so painful, your soul just crying out for understanding. Or was it truth?
    You left us two studio albums, a remarkable powerful soulmusic-juwel.
    I really hope and pray that you have found peace now.
    But you're leaving us in sadness, "addiction is baffling" said Glenn.
    How can we carry on as usual, sometimes i feel like a motherless child.
    Sigurd :heart:

  • I was very very upset to see that sat night when I got home from a great gig with my doors band. It's ironic, during the day the 27 club had come up in conversation and here was another one to add to the list, and presumably another heroin victim like Jim Morrison was and all the rest. Amy was no pro tooled American Idol here's the songs baby sing them you don't have to write a note style talent. She sang great, she wrote, she played keyboard. Not the greatest in the world or ever was but I did appreciate her talent. It's not a surprise, but it's still sad nonetheless and just a total waste of talent. Terrible.

  • Ofcourse it's sad but i wasn't shocked with her lifestyle it has to end like this!
    I was more shocked about the tragedy in Norway all those innocent victims.........

  • Ofcourse it's sad but i wasn't shocked with her lifestyle it has to end like this!
    I was more shocked about the tragedy in Norway all those innocent victims.........

    You are speaking from the bottom of my heart. All those young people, whose life hasn't really started... :( My heart goes out to their families. They will suffer for a long time, their life will never be the same again.

    "I might have been born in Liverpool, but I grew up in Hamburg." John Lennon

  • Ofcourse it's sad but i wasn't shocked with her lifestyle it has to end like this!
    I was more shocked about the tragedy in Norway all those innocent victims.........

    I was afraid that someone would compare these two tragedies as they did in German news forums like the "Spiegel". No doubt it was more shocking what happened in Norway, I feel deeply sad about that. It's also more shocking what's happening in the east of Africa in the moment and it breaks my heart when I see all these innocent people dying of starvation. I still don't like to compare tragedies because in my eyes every one is a very sad thing on its own and shouldn't be compared.

    Other forums are full with all the good and bad things in this world and I thought a fan page of a musician is more a page to talk about him and other musicians. That's why I posted my feelings about Amy's death.

    She was gifted with an extraordinary voice full of soul that could really touch me and she must have been a very lost human being. Maybe her death also reminds me of my brother's death too much who was also always some kind of lost and lonely, over years on and off the drugs until he died of an overdosis in his mid 30s. Always searching for love but the love from his family couldn't help him. You are helpless as a family member or friend when the black spider inside somebody starts eating up your beloved one until he dies. My feelings are with Amy's family now who will always ask themselves if they could have done more for her. Beside all the grief about her loss that's a heavy package to carry and I hope it doesn't bend their shoulders too much.

  • :cool: i must say the "Spiegel" is nomore a good magazine for me, not only because of the Norway tragodie, everytime i took a look into it somewhere in a waitingroom the last years i was disappointed about it.
    I'm missing the freeminded spirits and probing questions.

    The picture of a black spider inside someone which starts to eat is very interesting. Is it a symbol for addiction for you Geosoulberlin, or is it a real picture caused on nightmares addicted people suffering on or so ?


  • Well, the online version of the Spiegel is my daily "newspaper", mainly just for informations in general. Sometimes I find some refreshing articles in it, too. But I also see it tending towards the yellow press and my looks into commented articles are getting rare due to decreasing quality of the comments.

    "The black spider inside" that can start eating you(r mind) up is my personal image for depressions. Everybody has a black spider inside. Some might never discover it, so small is theirs. And some will watch it growing without being able to stop it. Drugs, alcohol and other stuff are nice food to keep the spider quiet and forget about it. But they destroy the body and kill you as well, it just takes a bit longer than a usual suicide.

    Everyone who had a big growing black spider inside, faught it and won - is lucky and a hero. Especially when it's beaten and shrunk to a very small size with a real hard chance for a comeback. My brother lost his fight and so did Amy. I keep my fingers crossed for Glenn. He did very well and I really hope his black spider has shrunk to a size where it will never be dangerous for him again.

    A common picture for depressions is a "hanging rope" which Glenn is using in his song "Faithless". That song also brought tears into my eyes. Don't know if "Cold" or "Faithless" is the darkest song on BCC 2.
    I love them both, fantastic lyrics.

    Greetz, Heidi

  • :cool: well i think "Cold" is the darkest song for me on "2", when BCC played the song on the concert i saw in Bonn it was running down my spine.
    When Glenn spoke about the friends who had gone there was a moment of calm and understanding in this place.
    Also i have lost a member of my family to the eating black spider and I'm grateful to be alive and able to work on my dreams.
    I'm in a very awake period today, dividing the good from the false and there's no doubt about it for me now.
    There are many lies around, never let impress you by people who only want to pull you down, there are soulsuckers around and some of them try to make believe you they are friends.

    I think Glenn is an outstanding teacher, not only by his lyriks but by the way he performs :bouncer: :thumbup:


  • Hi Sigurd, sorry to hear about the loss of your family member. I think people with losses are of course extremely touched by "Cold". I could feel every single word Glenn's singing there and I have to admit that it openend a door again that I closed some time ago. The more I listened to the song (especially the raw version) the more old memories came up. It was pretty heavy to let all the pictures in mind and all the feelings pass again (parents, lil sister and lil brother have already gone). I had some dark days while I did that video for "Cold" and now I feel okay again. And I'm very thankful for this song because beside the sad feelings it makes me aware again of my own precious life and my rules of life.

    I understand very well what you mean with being awake now and dividing the good from the false. For me it's even more than that now. I try to avoid false people and "time stealers". The older I get the less I want to waste valuable life time that's left. I wasted enough when I was younger. Now I want to use my time positive, for me and for others. I'm more aware now, setting priorities, enjoying every day. Feels quite good ;)
    Okay, and nowadays I hang around regular in this GH forum but I enjoy that a lot as well... :D
    And I noticed that Glenn is talking similar in interviews about his priorities and rules in life now which makes me feel closely connected not only to the songs and the musician but also to the human behind it. He rocks but for me he will also always be a real big soul man.

    Schönen Gruß, Heidi

  • :cool: thanx Heidi, it is so good to hear from people having the same experiences and processes.
    Well i think here on the forum are many who are seeking, Glenn's music is healing, on some days it was the only that could keep me going on that sometimes small stony street.
    "what you eat is what you are" and i would say also "what you're hearing is who you become" :bouncer:

  • "what you eat is what you are" and i would say also "what you're hearing is who you become" :bouncer:

    Oh dear, pour guys who have to work with a jackhammer all day! :sint2:
    (Sorry, just can't help it when my terrible sense of humour comes through.)

    Going back to the hard times that some of us have been through I would like to quote a poem of Paul Coelho for you, maybe you know it. I think it fits to the subject:

    I thank all those who laughed at my dreams;
    You have inspired my imagination.
    I thank all who wanted to squeeze me into their scheme;
    They have taught me the value of freedom.

    I thank all who have lied to me;
    You have shown me the power of truth.
    I thank all those who have not believed in me;
    You have expected me to move mountains.
    I thank all those who have written me off;
    You have aroused my courage.

    I thank all those who have left me;
    They gave me room to create.
    I thank all those who have betrayed me and abused;
    You have to let me be vigilant.
    I thank all those who have hurt me;
    They have taught me to grow in pain.

    More importantly, I thank all
    Who love me as I am;
    They give me the strength to live.

    Best wishes, Heidi

  • :cool: Hi, it's a beautiful poem from Paul Coelho, and i can underline a lot, it is the old story of our duality state here on earth, hope i explain it well.
    But i have a real problem with the old katholic theology about growing in pain. I don't think pain let people grow or even getting better.
    Only love will do the job.
    A nice old lady who is suffering of her illness in a hospital will stay as a nice lady, and an old asshole will stay as one although he's suffering in his pain.
    And i don't believe Jesus died and suffered because of our sins, he was showing that God was nomore a distant watcher, he followed the people even into their darkest suffering. That was all i think. And that's enough!
    ok, a new day's comin' up...

    Sigurd :bouncer:

  • Hi Sigurd,
    very interesting that you see this deep religious context. For me this poem is just a reflection of experiences in life with other humans and I like the positive consequences the author is taking out of bad experiences. Normally you won't thank anybody for leaving you, betraying you or hurting you. But when he i.e. says that he was "taught to grow in pain" by all the people that were hurting him it reminds me of my own experiences in life. When I was really disappointed and felt deeply hurt by someone and when I then got over the pain and realised I was grown. Bad experiences can pull you down but they can also make you stronger and give you more self-confidence when you get over them.
    So I don't look at this poem in any religious way, I even think it is liked by a lot of atheists as well :)
    Here is also a German version with some background about the author:

    Best regards,
    Heidi (just listening to Glenn on Planet Rock, "The Passenger" - my favorite of Iggy) :cool:

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