Radio ROKS (Saint-Petersburg) is under raider's seizure

  • To everybody and personally to Glenn Hughes who visited 'Radio ROKS' in Sain-Petersburg and know its DJ's (i.e. Zhenya Glyukk):

    There is only one rock radio station in Russia. It is 'Radio ROKS 102 FM' in Saint Petersburg. It has been working for 20 years but to the moment a band of raiders from 'Radio Chanson' have captured the broadcasting frequency and are planning to re-format the rock content to another musical genre.

    So there is a danger that the rock and its history will not be covered by any official radio station in Russia anymore. No rock-meetings will take place in studio, no rock concerts will be announced...

    That is why we are asking you personally: Support 'Radio ROKS' of Saint-Petersburg with your sites, forums, and radio stations!

    Thank you!
    Rock on!

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