Phoenix Rising question

  • Just watched the new DVD which which reminded me of the part on Last Concert in Japan LP where DC is introducing You Keep on Moving (I think?) and Glenn whispers something to him which can be heard through the mic. It sounds Japanese but I am probably wrong! Does any one know what he says?
    The DVD, which I thoroughly enjoyed and recommend clearly shows Glenn making the comment. I thought on the LP that it was just a Japanese fan.

  • I believe Glenn says "Tell Them, Tell Them" or "Tell It, Tell It" as Coverdale introduces the song, if my memory serves me well. I have not viewed that footage in quite some time. But I did order the Blu-ray, haven't got it here in the States yet. I'm sure looking forward to getting it though! I hope that helps you with your question!

  • I have always thought that Glenn was saying "Tell them..tell them...". My brother got ahold of the "Deep Purple Rises Over Japan" VHS some years ago which he found in a Blockbuster of all places...

    I think the Blu-Ray is the version for me...the neighbors will love it!! ;)

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  • Absolutely soaked up every second of the DVD, which arrived on Saturday. Love it.

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