BCC featuring Joe Bonamassa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Strange (or maybe not): In the Dutch media they talk about Black Country Communion a lot as Joe Bonamassa's band. The anouncement of the concert at Bospop (Black Country Communion featuring Joe Bonamassa). At internet shops BCC 2 (Joe Bonamassa). Joe seems to be very popular here. Playing this year three solo sold out show in Carre, Amsterdam. He is a superb blues-rock player and problably the coming blues guitar here of the world for the coming years, but....................for me is GLENN the main man: Glenn has an very impressive musical career and het is the VOICE OF ROCK. So I hope they will give him in other countries more the respect he derserves. I don't know how the write about BCC in England and USA (as GLENN's band?) ;)

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