Live at Opera House - Buxton, UK - May 2011


    There is no doubt in my mind that this was the best sound quality of any show by Glenn I have EVER seen. In fact up there with any show by anyone :thumbup: And i've seen a few! ;)

    I don't know if it was because it was a "proper" live venue being an old theatre/opera house but the sound was immense and crystal clear. It's noticeable this year that Glenn's bass isnt too high up in the mix like the lead bass it has been in the past. With Soren's swirling guitar coming thru kinda like Robin Trower gets that all round sound kind of thing weaving it's way thru all the speakers and the room - this was full on in your face :eek: :clapper: :D Anders was clear again too.

    As for the show itself, another great show by the whole band. Glenn once again in fine form. Due to the sound i think the best version of Medusa i've heard. Nice to see Orion and 1st Step get big cheers and not just the DP stuff.

    Finally, a big :thumbup: :claphands :clapper: :bouncer: :thumbup: :bow: :D for Joanne Shaw Taylor. This girl cant half play hard rocking Blues. And with a great new drummer with the longest hair you've ever seen too! :p

    Her solo in the 3rd song was just blistering. She was on stage at 7.30 and off at 8.10. Glenn was on at 8.30 and off at 10.30 (including encores).

    All in all another stupendous show :thumbup:

    And Chip, I got ya something :thumbup: ;)

  • yes indeed was a great show :clapper:

    Loved Muscle and Blood, Addiction particularly. In fact, all songs were very good.

    Glenn was extremely relaxed and seems to be very content currently.

    Had a brief chat with Soren afterwards, seems a very nice guy and obviously enjoys playing with Glenn.

  • Great show!!!!! - personally I was dubious on the sitting down thing and had ants in my pants the whole show wanting to get moving and grooving but being seated actually gave the chance to listen differently and I have to say I loved what I heard! Wolfy has described it so well so I won't repeat him but somtheing else in the vocals and again I don't know if it was to do with the accoustics of the Opera House but there were a couple of moments where the hairs on the back of my neck were standing up when Glenn was opening First Step of Love and Medusa with his vocals, it was like there was something else in the building last night - some higher presence, it's hard to describe really but Glenn looked as though he was channelling something as the notes were reaching out to the audience, maybe it ws Mel on his shoulder as he said before Keepin Time? Whatever it was, it was phenominal to experience that - and the sitting down was probably the best thing to prevent my legs disappearing from under me as they could quite easily have done! Fantastic, fantastic, fantastic! Bumped into so many people last night (being my localish haunt) so was good to see everyone who was there. Wolfy, tell Annette I hope she enjoyed her return to Buxton and left with a happy smile on her face x

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