• Just finished listening to "The Outsider" from BCC 2, and I have to say how immediately struck I was by the band's performance on this one; they are noticeably tighter than they were on the debut album.

    Guess that's what playing together will do for a band... :cool:

    Glenn really pulls out all the stops here, with roaring vocals and a muscular, driving bass line that rides Bonham's rock-solid drum work perfectly.

    Searing guitar work from Bonamassa - love the crisper, edgier tone he's got going here...

    So NICE to hear that Derek Sherinian is more fully integrated in the mix - love that Hammond, and when he and Bonamassa trade off and double up during the solo, the quality of their musicianship is really underscored.

    It's hard to judge from an MP3, but the sound seems a little bit more "just-so", a little bit more "put together", as if now that the band's sound and playing has been a bit more firmly refined and established, Shirley was able to capture it on tape more clerarly, with greater precision...

    All in all, I can't help but note that this track strikes me as sounding very much like Deep Purple Mk. III might if they were writing and recording today in 2011 as opposed to having done so back in 1974.

    Having heard both "The Outsider" and, of course "Cold", I truly have a feeling that BCC2 is going to eclipse the band's solid debut album rather handily.


    -Marc Fevre
    Napa, CA

  • I agree Marc- Very Purple sounding. I think that although steady- not real impressed with Jason's work on this one- pretty straight forward stuff. The song overall kicks butt!

  • :bow:

    just heard "The Outsider" on my headphone and i can only say what i'm feeling right now: E U P H O R I A !!
    I agree mostly with Marc ,yes it is MKIII sounding in a way, highly dramatic, highly driven, not necessary to say all musicians act on a absolutly top level, there are tight, tight, tighter than before.
    And Kevin Shirley did a fantastic job again.

    It is majestic! :thumbup: :D

    And by the way, this morning i thought about how i would hear BCC from another view, like i were not such deep in Glenn's stuff as a fan over the decades. I tried to get a lil distance, tried to become more objectiv.

    And although i tried i was blown away again!

  • I agree, Marc. The two songs we've heard so far would be two of the best songs off the last cd, and I like the mix of "Outsider" better than the last cd. My two gripes about the first cd were that I thought Sherinian was buried too much in the mix, and the sequencing - first half is all Hughes vocals and the second half was Hughes and Bonamassa. The songwriting was ok on the first cd - I thought too many of the songs were just cool riffs without much time put in the songwriting (arrangement, melody and lyrics). Which is understandable considering that they didn't have much time to write and record that cd. That was still a very good cd, but I am expecting the follow up to be much better.

  • The OUTSIDER sounds great. Better production, better sound. Glenn good as always and Jason is getting better and better, through the years. looking forward to the Germany shows :cool:

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