RHCP return in August/September 2011

  • Looks like the next release from the Red Hot Chili Peppers is due in late August, early September :thumbup:

    No word on the album title yet, but Chad has been quoted as saying:


    It has no name, but it's going good. We've got lots of songs and we're just choosing the ones for the album. Everybody's happy, healthy and excited to get back out there and play.

    It will be the band's first release since guitarist John Frusciante was replaced by Josh Kilnghoffer....


    It's a good chemistry. The cool thing is we knew him for about 10 years before he joined. We've had the luxury of writing songs for a year and he's brought a lot to the table. It sounds new and fresh – but it still sounds like the Chili Peppers.

  • Kinda looking forward to hearing the new album when it finally comes out. not a HUGE RHCP fan, but am always interested to hear what music they put out.

  • First 2011 live dates announced this morning... for Europe....

    October 7th - Germany, Cologne, Lanxess Arena
    October 9th - Germany, Hamburg, O2 World
    October 11th - Sweden, Stockholm, Ericsson Globe Arena
    October 12th - Sweden, Stockholm, Ericsson Globe Arena
    October 14th - Denmark, Herning, Boxen Arena
    October 16th - Holland, Rotterdam, Ahoy
    October 18th - France, Paris, Bercy
    October 21st - Germany, Frankfurt, Festhalle
    December 4th - Germany, Berlin, O2 World
    December 5th - Germany, Munich, Olympiahalle
    December 7th - Austria, Vienna, Stadthalle
    December 10th - Italy, Torino, Palaolimpico
    December 11th - Italy, Milan, Forum
    December 13th - Switzerland, Zurich, Hallenstadion
    December 15th - Spain, Barcelona, Palau Sant Jordi
    December 17th - Spain, Madrid, Palacio de Deportes de la Comunidad

  • Last weekend RHCP played in Japan. They were also presenting some songs from their new album "I'm With You" (out on August 26th in Germany).

    I got my ticket for their show in Berlin (December 4th) and can only advice to avoid the unofficial ticket dealers due to personalized tickets. If you are unlucky you won't get in with tickets that are not purchased from the official ticket seller. Sounds bad but more and more groups want to stop the big money on the black market with these personalized tickets and I hope it will work with the time.

  • As you may be aware, the Red Hot Chili Peppers have announced that they will debut their tenth studio album ‘I’M WITH YOU’ in a special cinematic concert event. This show will be presented in movie theatres around the world, during album release week.

    The band will perform the entire album in sequence, followed by some of their greatest hits in a special high-definition cinematic in-theater event, Red Hot Chili Peppers LIVE: I’m With You. It is the first – and only – time the new album will be performed in its entirety by the band.

    Here’s the really exciting part for you. This show is going to be filmed at the E-Werk in Cologne on 30th August and tickets go on sale RIGHT NOW for you to be at the gig itself. It is first come first served for a very limited amount of tickets.


  • Wow - tickets are already gone...
    Clever marketing strategy, also the live show in all the cinemas.
    I'm only surprised that the live gig in Cologne starts at 7 p.m. (entrance 5.30 p.m.) but the live shows in the cinemas in Germany start at 9 p.m., so it's probably not "real" live but with a two hours difference...?
    Doesn't matter, gonna enjoy it in a big CinemaxX in Berlin...:cool:

  • Today I got the deluxe edition of "I'm With You" (cd + t-shirt) plus my theater ticket for the live show on tuesday. Feels like I made myself a little birthday present without getting older :D
    Now the cd is playing and I'm getting pretty excited for the live show...
    I have to admit though that "I'm With You" doesn't hit me as much as BCC1 or 2. Maybe I have to listen to the songs more often but when I played the BCC cds first I liked every song straight away and love them since. So - we'll see.

  • Maybe I have to listen to the songs more often...

    Yes, yes, yes...heard the album a few times now and love it :claphands
    Don't expect the "old Peppers". Even though they haven't changed their style completely they were surprising me with a lot of new things. First I was a bit irritated but now I can't get enough of it and have to play the album over and over again...

  • Yepp, just listened to the album again and my favourites in the moment are "Factory Of Faith", "Look Around" and "Even You Brutus?".
    Will check tomorrow evening if it's possible to get some decent stuff for a few clips but I bet some people in Cologne will do that anyhow - really live...:)

    Just checked the news in the net. They are already in Cologne and today their bus got stopped by the police because they drove too fast. Then they visited the E-Werk where they play tomorrow and afterwards Chad had to take his beloved cap off while visiting the big Dome of Cologne :)
    (On the way to the E-Werk)

  • Don't believe that's Chad... saw him recently... I'm sure he didn't gain 50 pounds since then :D Think you'll find the "real" Chad... hiding in the far right corner... on a smoke break :)

    I know...I never would have thought the guy in front of Anthony would be Chad :D Chad only took his cap off for about 10 minutes when he was walking through that Dome because he was asked to do so. And then someone got a pic of him while he was inside that church. I don't know if he liked it and so I didn't post that pic...

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