The Sound Of A Rockband

  • ok, lets talk about the sound. Glenn of course gave rockmusic such a kick in the ass, a new direction.
    And i'm grateful because of that, i was never happy with the 80ties and 90ties rocksound, cause i never liked that pumped up overreverbed drumsounds and these glaring choirs.
    When i was talking with other musicians about recording bands, there were those people on the scene, who were saying "you can't do that with drums, you need to mice up with 10 mics, you can't record drums without a click". And they said:" Nobody wants to hear the real sound of a drum, people want to hear the snare like a shot of a gun, and the bassdrum like a click-click".
    For me it always felt strange and wrong , because i knew the great sound of Ian Paice' drumset!
    And if you tune the drums you will have all attack you need and when you're mixing it, adding a lil compression is all.
    When you record the drumset with 3 superb mics, you will need even no equalisation.
    The best is old school, that's music.
    I've nothing against it to record a guitartone with modern technique, cause there are right now excellent products on the market.
    Focussing on playing intense and not worrying to much about technique is a gift for guitarists, the same for bassists.
    And today you can have such a threedimensional vocalsound, this beautiful avalonstuff for example.
    Keyboards today are only amazing if you have superb single sounds, not playing piano, organ and strings at the same time.
    Less is more, that plastic 80ties sounds were ugly and boring.
    Better some notes from a hammond or a steinway grandpiano, or a Fender Rhodes!

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