GH on Mike Porcaro's Brotherly Love

  • Hi,

    Mike Porcaro is releasing a live album in memory of his brother Jeff.
    It was recorded in Koblenz, Germany in late March 2002 and features Glenn on some songs (among others: Hendrix' 'Manic Depression and Al Green's 'Let's Stay Together'). I believe Glenn also joined the all-star band with Rosanna and Africa.

    The album will be released in Japan first.


  • That's correct, although Glenn is featured on 6 songs, "Rosanna", "Manic Depression", "Georgy Porgy", "Lowdown", "English Eyes" and "Let's Stay Together".

    The album was originally released January in Japan, but is now getting a release worldwide.

    You can view some pix from that particular gig over in the "Pix" section of the site :cool:

    Disc 1
    1 - Rosanna (David Paich)
    2 - Manic Depression (Jimi Hendrix)
    3 - Georgy Porgy (David Paich)
    4 - Lowdown (David Paich & Boz Scaggs)
    5 - E Minor Shuffle (David Paich)
    6 - English Eyes (David Paich, Bobby Kimball, Jeff Porcaro & Steve Porcaro)
    7 - Human Nature (John Bettis & Steve Porcaro)
    8 - Straight No Chaser (Thelonious Monk)
    9 - Africa (David Paich & Jeff Porcaro)

    Bonus Track
    10 - Let's Stay Together (Al Green, Willie Mitchell & Al Jackson)

    Disc 2
    1 - Stuffy (David Garfield)
    2 - Jeff's Strut (Joe Porcaro)
    3 - Babylon Sisters (Donald Fagen & Walter Becker)
    4 - Big Bone (Jeff Porcaro)
    5 - Corbitt Van Brauer (David Garfield)

    Produced by David Garfield for Creatchy Productions
    Arranged by David Garfield & Mike Porcaro
    Originally Recorded by Kai Frike at "Drums & Sounds", 2002 Koblenz, Germany
    Additional Recording & Overdubs by Yutaka Yokokura, Daniel Kier, Steve Sykes, Gary Falcone, Stefan Nordin & Joshua Blanchard
    All Songs Mixed by Steve Sikes at Rupert House Studios
    All Bonus Track Mixed by Kai Frike
    Mastered by John Pena at John E Slamm Studios

    Disc 1
    1 - Rosanna

    Lead vocals: Glenn Hughes & Bobby Kimball
    Background vocals: Phil Perry & Alex Ligertwood
    Drums: Steve Gadd & Greg Bissonette
    Guitar Solos: Doug Bossi

    2 - Manic Depression

    Lead vocal: Glenn Hughes
    Drums: Steve Gadd & Greg Bissonette

    3 - Georgy Porgy

    Lead vocal: Alex Ligertwood
    Background vocals: Glenn Hughes & Bobby Kimball
    Drums: Steve Gadd

    4 - Lowdown

    Lead vocal: Alex Ligertwood
    Background vocals: Glenn Hughes & Bobby Kimball
    Drums: Robin DiMaggio & Steve Gadd

    5 - E Minor Shuffle

    Drums: Steve Gadd & Greg Bissonette

    6 - English Eyes

    Lead vocal: Bobby Kimball
    Background vocals: Joseph Williams, Glenn Hughes & Alex Ligertwood
    Drums: Chase Duddy
    Additional Guitars: Doug Bossi

    7 - Human Nature

    Drums: Steve Gadd
    Trumpet & Flugelhorn: Walt Fowler

    8 - Straight No Chaser

    Drums: Joe Porcaro

    9 - Africa

    Lead vocals: Alex Ligertwood & Bobby Kimball
    Additional Vocals & Piano: David Paich
    Background vocals: Joseph Williams & Alex Ligertwood
    Drums: Steve Gadd, Gregg Bissonette & Robin DiMaggio
    Percussion: Joe Porcaro

    Bonus Track
    10 - Let's Stay Together

    Vocals: Glenn Hughes, Bobby Kimball & Alex Ligertwood
    Drums: Steve Gadd & John "JR" Robinson

    Disc 2
    1 - Stuffy

    Drums: Steve Gadd

    2 - Jeff's Strut

    Drums: Steve Gadd

    3 - Babylon Sisters

    Drums: Gregg Bissonette & Bernard Purdie

    4 - Big Bone

    Drums: Gregg Bissonette

    5 - Corbitt Van Brauer

    Drums: Steve Gadd & Greg Bissonette

    On All Songs
    Mike Porcaro : Bass
    David Garfield : Keyboard, Arranger & Producer
    Steve Porcaro : Keyboards
    Michael O'Neill : Guitar
    Lenny Castro : Percussion
    Larry Klimas : Sax & Flute
    Ralph Himmler : Trumpet

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