• The sun's shining, I'm happily planting new flowers and after putting them into hibernation for about 18 months I decided to blow the cobwebs off my HTP albums and blast them out. Forgot how much I loved 'Burning The Sky,' 'Losing My Head,' 'Devil's Road' and 'On The Ledge.' Took me back to great times when HTP toured ...


    'You thought that you could take me for granted, but I couldn't take it no more. Better run if you see me coming ... '

  • Hi Shirl,
    HTP is indeed very underrated. It's so good. Especially the second album is superb. This belongs to the best Glenn ever did after DP! Not only Glenn is a great singer, but JOE is also a great singer. The soulfull voice of Glenn and the more lower bluesier voice of Joe was a beautifull combination. I've seen them once live together in Belgium: This was one of the best shows ever, for me. JJ Marsh was amazing! God bless HTP :)

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  • Same here! :cool:
    Saw both tours, and Losing My Head is one of my favourites too! :singer:
    And I love the Prog stuff in On The Ledge... :cool:
    Just put it on (thanks for the reminder ;)) since I haven't listened to it in ages!
    Quite a contrast to the album I had on before that, Wendy Carlos' Beauty In The Beast! :eek:

    :D Christian



  • Hi,
    does anyone know whether there is more professionally filmed HTP stuff somewhere? I doubt they filmed only one song...? DVD...even expensive Japanese one would have at least one buyer in a small country in northern Europe.

    Just before summer holidays I made myself a new HTP CD of the songs that Glenn sang on those two albums he made with the singer whose name he does not mention anymore... :)

    ...and the CD is quite good... :)

    :bouncer: :bouncer: :bouncer: :bouncer:
    T :)

  • Huge fan of HTP 2. Great album. I’m waiting for a vinyl release of this. Classic album.
    HTP was a great project, I think. Two superb singers together, good songs (mix between Beatles and Led Zeppelin). Huge underrated. A pity because HTP deserves a lot more appreciation. Rock On

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