Whitesnake: NEW album OLD style bluesrock!

  • Very great news for the Whitesnake fans, who like the old Whitesnake sound of Love Hunter, Ready and Willing, Slide it in etc. The new album FOREVERMORE is sounding like that old stuff. They seem to gone back to the old Whitesnake style before 1987. SUPERB. I never expected this, but it's true. David singing very often in his old LOW VOICE style. Walking in the shadows of the blues again. These new songs seem to be better for David to do live on stage. No more the high screemings: It's blues time again: YES: thanx a lot: Come on and get it. Search on YOU TUBE: Whitesnake forevermore all samples :thumbup:

  • I've heard it too and its a really good album. David's voice has obviously changed over the years, but he's pretty good on this album. Definitely a great mix of old/new style Whitesnake. A few cracking tracks such as Tell Me How, All Out of Luck, Whipping Boy Blues, My Evil Ways and the brilliant Forevermore.

    I wish people would give him, and the band a chance. Yes his voice is different, and yes Moody/Marsden aren't there anymore. They still make cracking hard rock with a blues influence! :thumbup:

  • Forevermore entered the Billboard US charts at nr. 49. In the Dutch national charts (and a lot of other European countries) the album is also in the charts. In the Dutch charts Forevermore came in at nr. 42. So it seems that their are still some Blues and Roll fans out there. Good music remains good music :thumbup:

  • I'm madly in love with this album after just one spin (am on my 3rd or so now). Absolutely brilliant!!!!!

    Got the snakepack with the awesome 130 page magazine last Sunday and am just thrilled with that too!

    DC is an artist that I've never been disappointed with any album.

  • Further to my previous comments about this album. This really is a cracker :clapper: I have been a snake fan for more years than i care to remember and this album really does it for me. If you cant get hooked by the snake swagger and roll of Steal Your Heart Away, the catchy Love Will Set You Free, to the monumental title track Forevermore, then i suspect that there is no hope for you!

    Well done DC and the boys :claphands :claphands :claphands

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