Jon Lord: Concerto Shows Germany cancelled!

  • The orchestral shows of Jon Lord in Germany this year are cancelled. I believe it's about the promotors money shortage :(

    Yep, Willem, the promoter went bankrupt. Found this out exactly one day before ordering my ticket and making travel arrangements... :( :mad:

    "I might have been born in Liverpool, but I grew up in Hamburg." John Lennon

  • :huh:
    hope that Jon Lord is coming for other shows .
    Jon Lord was always my favourite Keyboarder, better say Organplayer.
    I'll always love his classical things, but the way he combines classical stuff with Rock'n Roll is amazing.
    Before i was blown away from the "Deep Purple in Rock" album at the age of 12 i mostly heard classical stuff like Mozart, Beethoven and Bach and of course Stones and Beatles. When you hear parts of Mozarts Requiem real loud you will hear pure metal.
    But my parents weren't rich, oh no, my father was a worker, he was a great man.
    And i played for him sometimes Purple records, although he loved Roger Wittaker most. But he liked "Smoke on the water" and "soldier of fortune" he really loved to hear.
    Few days ago i saw the "come hell or highwater" DVD and was enjoing Jon Lords performance so much again.
    With orchestra i saw the show with DP in Dortmund lot of years ago :bow:

  • Hi Sigurd,
    Seems we have some things in common. "In Rock" came on the market and I became a lifelong fan. Will see DP with orchestra in Dresden this year, look really forward to the event.
    I wonder if you've seen this article in "Abendzeitung München", it was published during the tour last November. The author writes how he became addicted. When I read this, I recognized myself.
    Schönes Wochenende :)

    "I might have been born in Liverpool, but I grew up in Hamburg." John Lennon

  • :DHi Lioness, thanx for the article, its exactly what i was living with DP.
    You can say i was infectet at the age of 12 like you from "Deep Purple In Rock" and the virus never gets weaker.
    For me it is hightime when intersting new things happen in the Deep Purple/Glenn Hughes world.
    Deep depressed when Purple split in 1976 and euphoric again when they came back in 1984.
    But a sad story about Tommy Bolin, sometimes made me cry.
    His guitar style had impressed me strong, his incredible hot sound with the biting attack using the middle pickup of his strat.

    And one thing is important in the artivle: DP means a lot of fun. Hear Purple and you'll smile ;)

  • Hi DP and GH fans: Good old JON brings back a lot of good memory's. Of course it's a possibility to go to France (but te costs of travelling!!!!). I hope there will be some new JON shows in the future.

    By the way: the other superb keyboard-player DON Airey comes also coming spring for a solo tour. I go to The Rock Temple in Kerkrade on Easter sunday :thumbup:

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