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    Greg Hampton (producer of the Tommy Bolin Whips and Roses CDs) and Warren Haynes (Gov't Mule, Allman Brothers) are currently co-producing sessions with some of the world's most famous and revered guitarists and singers for their upcoming Tommy Bolin Tribute CD (as yet unnamed). Fabrizio Grossi (Whips & Roses I & II, Glenn Hughes) is also on board as Associate Producer/Mix Engineer. It's been inspiring to learn that all of these legendary guitarists are all fans of Tommy, and are excited about adding parts to original Tommy Bolin multitrack tapes that have never been made public.

    Glenn Hughes has recorded a new vocal on Lotus, and helped complete and sing an unfinished composition.

    Greg’s recent sessions with Steve Lukather which were especially poignant, as the drummer on that original multitrack was the late Jeff Porcaro with whom Lukather played in Toto. Completed sessions include:

    • Steve Lukather (Toto, solo)
    • Warren Haynes (Gov't Mule, Allman Brothers)
    • Brad Whitford (Aerosmith)
    • Nels Cline (Wilco, solo)
    • Glenn Hughes (Trapeze, Deep Purple, solo)
    • Oz Noy (Roger Glover, Nile Rodgers, solo)
    • John Scofield (Billy Cobham, Miles Davis, Jaco Pastorius, solo)
    • Prairie Prince (The Tubes, drums on Savannah Woman and Wild Dogs)
    • Peter Frampton (Humble Pie, solo)
    • Myles Kennedy (Alter Bridge)
    • Joe Bonamassa (Black Country Communion, solo)
    • Steve Morse (Deep Purple, Dixie Dregs, solo)

    Also in negotiation or committed to the project are Billy Gibbons, Ben Harper, Tom Morello, Derek Trucks and John Scofield.

  • Journalist and "Touched by Magic: The Tommy Bolin Story" book author Greg Prato recently spoke to the CD's producer, Greg Hampton, about the forthcoming release. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

  • I was lucky enough to interview Glenn around the time of the release of BCC I. He said this about it.

  • Now due for release on March 26th, 2012 via 429 Records :cool:

    'Great Gypsy Soul'

    Track Listing:

    Disc 1

    The Grind w/ Peter Frampton
    Teaser w/ Warren Haynes
    Dreamer w/ Myles Kennedy and Nels Cline
    Savannah Woman w/ John Scofield
    Smooth Fandango w/ Derek Trucks
    People People w/ Big Sugar and Gordie Johnson
    Wild Dogs w/ Brad Whitford
    Homeward Strut w/ Steve Lukather
    Sugar Shack w/ Glenn Hughes and Sonny Landreth
    Crazed Fandango w/ Steve Morse
    Lotus w/ Joe Bonamassa, Glenn Hughes and Nels Cline

    Disc 2 ~ Bonus CD

    Flying Fingers w/ Oz Noy and Nels Cline
    Marching Bag –Movement One w/ Nels Cline, Bolin, Greg Hampton, John Scofield, Sonny Landreth
    Marching Bag—Movement Two w/ Nels Cline, Bolin, Steve Lukather, Derek Trucks, Peter Frampton
    Marching Bag—Movement Three w/ Gordie Johnson, Bolin, Nels Cline, Oz Noy, Steve Lukather, Steve Morse, Joe Bonamassa
    Marching Bag—Movement Four w/ Nels Cline, Bolin, Warren Haynes, Joe Bonamassa, Oz Noy, Brad Whitford, Peter Frampton

    For more information visit:

  • :cool: great news, i'll be going to look forward to this album.
    Tommy Bolin was such a fantastic musician.
    Interesting that Steve Morse is also doing on here a piece of music.
    Am i right informed that the actually purplelineup never play songs from mk3 and mk4?
    I'd think there are many songs from this period Ian Gillan could do well too.
    For example " Burn", "Stormbringer", "Lovechild" ;)

  • Am i right informed that the actually purplelineup never play songs from mk3 and mk4?

    Nope, they never do. At least not at the gigs I went to, and that were/are quite a few.

    Only Paicey plays MK3 stuff at shows in Italy with DP tribute bands.

    "I might have been born in Liverpool, but I grew up in Hamburg." John Lennon

  • An "Daily Deal" will be available on March 25th - price will only be $3.99.

    Meantime, if you just can't wait, pre-orders are still available :thumbup:

    Just reminder for those Stateside, this "Daily Deal" (above) kicks off shortly... 1 day only... on :cool:

  • Im assuming the 'feels so good' number is now ...sugar shack, which i love.? Also, does anyone know if its awhile new recording, or some backing track, or even something Glenn and Tommy jammed on and Glenn has similar tapes from the summer of '75 :)

  • :cool: Stormy, just a few hours ago today i listened to the amazing jamtrack of Tommy Bolin with Ian Paice on the CTTB remix album in my car.
    I'll never get this guitarman out of my head and i like it :bow:
    I go for the album,


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