VH-1 TV "That Metal Show" LA appearance

  • The face on Slash when listening to G do his solos was priceless. It looked like he was in awe...I know I was. I've said many times before that we always focus on the voice and forget just how brilliant of a bassist Glenn is. I was bowled over more than once :bow:

    "if only we'd turn around and notice the door to the cell is open"

  • Just a reminder for those in the USA... Episode 5 of Season 9 which features Glenn as the show's guest bass guitarist,
    airs this Saturday... Dec. 17th @ 11:00PM :cool:

    Other guests include:

    * Sully Erna (GODSMACK)
    * Jesse James Dupree (JACKYL)


  • He deserves it anyway, as Glenn is a remarkable bass player as well and not only a great singer. This is often overlooked by people who are staggered by his phenomenal voice in the first place.

    Especially BCC features a lot of first class bass playing, if you listen closely to it. He has always been heaps superior to peeps like Roger Glover and the likes. "Play Me Out", for instance, shows a lot of amazing bass playing as well. I also like it that Glenn pulls out the guitar as well in recent years and, despite not being a "guitar-god" for sure, he does it remarkably well.

    Well done and congratulations, Glenn!


    Cowards die many times, the valiant never taste the death but once - Caesar

  • caught the end of a show were eddie trunk was wearing a long sleeve bcc shirt!!!!!!!!! :thumbup:

  • Hi everybody,

    Ich bin mit Katy einverstanden! Superb bass chops & it sure is great to hear Glenn on the guitar. I love the video where you can see him solo on "Coast to Coast" & I'd be delighted to see him play on a grand piano one day! I know Hughes-Thrall 2 has been shelved but at one point Glenn mentioned that he & Pat played all the instruments on it, including the drums...who did what? I'm sure Glenn can drum, but it would be amazing to hear some of that!

    At the end of the day, he's a genius singer and phenomenal bass player, as you can see on the TMS clip. BCC splendidly showcases his playing too, indeed. But as a bass player myself, I may be a big time classic rock fan, I still feel that Glenn brings more to the table when the production is bass-friendly: Play Me Out, Feel, FUNK!

    Obviously, Cal Jam, La Dernière Séance (I know I'm being fussy but that's how that album should be titled, with two accents!) & other http://Mk.III/IV live albums are more complete but Made in Europe remains a bassist's delight thanks to its massive bass sound - & playing!

    I really appreciate Roger Glover, his style is naturally different yet it suits all the DP line-ups he's been in, as well as post-Dio/pre-White Rainbow! I'm only talking bass here but let's not forget Roger's also an ace composer & producer.

    Now, back to Glenn: a magnificent bass-player whose instrumental talents are sometimes overshadowed by his divine voice. IMHO, the real strengths of Glenn's bass playing are revealed on most of his discography & whenever he plays live with other musicians & not necessarily on the (sonically awesome) That Metal Show clips...

    ...says the TMS addict & bass solo lover!



  • I have not been a fan of Eddie's but his Hall of Shame rant on this episode has made me a fan- good for you Eddie!!! Only thing is, he left out Boston and I think Kansas off his list. Putting Purple at the top of the list is appropriate. The less time I spend thinking about the Hall of Shame the better. It's run by the same people that list Kurt Cobain and Bruce Springsteen as top 100 "guitarists" while leaving off people like, Moore, Morse, Bolin, Lukather, Schon, Vai, Malmsteen, etc...... The list is so bad, I'm surprised Foreigner's and the Clash's Mick Jones aren't in the top ten or even on the list. That idiotic doo wop/rap wanker artists hall minus Blackmore, Glenn, Dio and Coverdale is truely a hall of shame.

  • Well, I don't know where else to post this, so excuse me, if this ain't the right place. I just wanted to share with GH fans that I bought Digitech Synth Wah today and it is totally killing ! It's really a master piece, so I have to thank Glenn for using this, otherwise I wouldn't have bought it :)

    Works awesome with my Fender JB and Gallien-Krueger :)

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