Whitesnake forevermore for FREE with Classic Rock Magazine!

  • In England only, there will be in March a FREE edition of the new Whitesnake album Forevermore. This is a package with a special edition of Classic Rock magazine with David Coverdale on the cover (132 page WITH POSTER). The magazine and the CD together, with two extra bonus live songs on the CD: Slide it in and Cheap and nasty (live at Donington 1990). Wow! Unfortunately the edition is not for sale outside England, for far as I know.

    There will be also an official regular CD version and a double vinyl version with gatefold cover, for the collectors.

    In the summer there will be also a release of the concert WHITESNAKE LIVE AT DONINGTON 1990, the full concert (With Steve Vai, the GUITARplayer :) ).

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