Come Taste The Band

  • :bow: Hello ,

    in the last time you can read and hear much more in the music magazines about a very important Deep Purple album named Come Taste The Band.

    It was for me personelly in 1975 not to understand why the album wasn't able to have great sucess. For me it was a real Deep Purple album and i tell you why. Deep Purple stood always for a dramatic way to produce rockmusic. "In Rock" was the first album in this period. It was high dramatic and played and sung on a very high level from each musician.

    It was playing music like it would be the last day of your life, no space for any fake and lie. It felt real honest but complex.

    The next Purple album on this high level for me was Burn. The song is one of my favorite songs. It is a baroque outstanding work with wonderful vocals and high energy solo parts plus classical music style which is not a chosen gag, because its written absolutly organic. ( english) Stormbringer the song was like burn a strong number, perhaps the other tracks on Stormbringer were fantastic in their own new way. But i think it was dramatic music too, although i know some people don't mind so.

    And than came CTTB and showed in a very strong and funky way how things can happen with a new guitar player like Tommy Bolin was.

    I always loved Blackmores guitar playing but now i loved Bolins guitar too.

    There were too much changes i guess for the band first and for the fans second. But CTTB is percussive sounding Rocktheatre with wonderful vocals, again high energy groove and last but not least outstanding solo parts from Bolin and Lord. For me it is today brandnew music, modern rockmusic, like it was written 2009, but we all know it was from 1975.

    I would love to hear something like that produced in our days from Deep Purple members.

    The only works in this way i know are the solo albums of Glenn Hughes.

    I think the magic thing of Purple was always to cook things together that wasn't together before. Like first Blues and Rockn'Roll with classical elements later with funk elements. And that was the achievement of Glenn Hughes, who cooked Stevie Wonders strong voice and songs together with british hardrock. And its rockin' and funkin'all the time...

    So..keep on moving!


  • Hi Sigurd. Nice to have you on the forum. I like these kind of discussions between fans. It should happen more in 2011!
    DP has made lot's of magical albums: In Rock, Machine Head (even better!), Fireball, Burn (Magical), Stormbringer (very soulfull and groundbreaking at that time, because of the combination of hardrock and soul). Come taste the band is also an DP album from a very high level. One of the best they ever made. Maybe a bit controversial in 1975, especially for the more conservative fans. I'm a huge Blackmore fan. Even Blackmore jr. I like a lot (Over the Rainbow and EBC ROXX). But Tommy Bolin was amazing. The album has grown through the years and now, it's definately one of the highlights in the hardrock genre. Very bluesy and horny :) It is such a pity that this line up didn't have the chance to make antother studio album, sad!

    But apart from Deep Purple there are lot's of classic albums from ex DP, like Rainbow Rising, Whitesnake Love Hunter and Slide it in and I hope the new album Forevermore! GLENN with Sabbath (Seventh Star), GLENN with Gary Moore, GLENN SOLO and of course BCC!

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  • Intresting discussion. For me, Come Taste the Band was a real revelation. I played the opening chords of Getting Tighter to finish my radio show last night (Best Reissue of 2010) and my headphones nearly blew off my ears.

    Until I listened in my cans and on my new Christmas 5.1s, I hadn't realised properly what a fantastic job Kevin Shirley and Glenn have done. But they could not have made a silk purse out of sow's ear. The songs still stand up for scrutiny.

    People forget that Tommy Bolin was a very talented musician. Let's just cut out the drugs from the equation for a moment. His mission was to make Deep Purple more sexy as a unit and bring his own guitar style to the mix. After all it's only what Ritchie Blackmore did with Rainbow when he brought Bonnet and Turner in a few years later.

    Together with Glenn and David Coverdale supplying a range of colours in the vocals, they gave Deep Purple a veneer which. Lord and Paice played well on the album too. You would not have expected anything else.

    Sigurd I like your comment..." It was playing music like it would be the last day of your life, no space for any fake and lie. It felt real honest but complex."

    At GRTR I do get to hear my more albums than I can afford to buy these days. So in that way I am fortunate. What discerns one album from another in my view is good song writing and yes honesty. With Cubase and Pro Tools you can write your Dark Side of the Moon in your living room. But it's that honesty that is often missing in many albums I come across. So albums like CTTB area bench mark in that respect.

    The "groove" is the thing. It's that indiscernible vibe that the Rolling Stones and The Who pioneered and many bands still forget about. CTTB certainly has a groove. Glenn's bass playing is fundamental to that. As you said Willem, what a pity there was no follow up.

  • Hi Keith,
    Fortunately we have the Come Taste The Band Rehearsels (bootleg and official two cd's, with a pre-version of Drifter). It's shows the bluesy feel and the great CLASS of Tommy already. Very good is the version of Stateboro blues: What a band :thumbup:

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  • :cool: Hi Willem and Keith and everyone,
    Getting Tighter is together with You keep on moving the strongest number perhaps but the other songs are as good. Only Comin' Home is a lill lower, at first i was a lill disapointed about the track, but later i loved it too. It is a real smiling maker and fun-maker number. I have to laugh when i hear it. Often in the morning in my car.
    The riff of Getting tighter i love to play on my guitar. The riff is one of the rock-killer riffs. And when Glenn starts to sing it is like flying.
    What you said about homerecording is absolutely true. When you're making your own Darkside of the moon production in your bedroom, it is not to compare with a real playing Rockband. For Gods sake today a lots of Bands record Life their music. Its the only way to get the groove and magic. Because of that is one reason BCC album sounds so delicate. Kevin Shirley did a great job. For example the beatiful snare drum of the Ludwig set from Jason Bonham.

  • Hi Sigurd,
    I like when an album has a live feel. Not to many overdubs. An open sound. Like COME TASTE THE BAND and BCC :thumbup:

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  • I have a lot of time for come taste the band. it was the line up of Purple that I first saw. Getting tighter for me is a classic and really was a showpiece in the live show. You Keep on Moving is a great powerful tune

  • For my ears and mind it is up there with In Rock and Fireball as the best albums to emerge from the Purple camp. It is honest, fresh and sounds as good today as did late 75 when it came out. Tommy brought new life to the band and we can only wonder 37 years on what would the follow up album have sounded like. Only Purpendicular gets close to it in terms of honesty and freshness.

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