BCC - Jason Bonham beats it to the Black Country

  • Jason Bonham is interviewed by local Wolverhampton based newspaper, Express & Star, today for their online edition.

    It'll be published in print next week :cool:


    Black Country by name Black Country by nature. When Jason Bonham sits behind his drum kit for new rock supergroup Black Country Communion’s debut concert at Wolverhampton Civic Hall this month, he knows it will be an emotional occasion.

    “I think I‘ll be a teary eyed lump!” laughs the 44-year-old Dudley-born drummer, son of Led Zeppelin’s sticks man, the legendary John ‘Bonzo’ Bonham, who died, aged 32 in 1980.

    “It’s just nice to come home to my mates. They all texted me and they all went out and bought the album themselves and bought the tickets. They didn’t ask me for anything. They just said ‘We weren’t going to miss you’.


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