BCC Live in the UK

  • Has anybodies tickets arrived yet - I'm still waiting on the post man but thought I'd see if others had had theirs yet to se if I need to panic? Can't wait for the shows! And looking forward to seeing lot's of GH friends xxx

  • Not got mine yet. I had started to panic, and had to check my email confirmation, just in case. But got my credit vard statemant today and there it is.. So just gonna wait. Hotel booked !! :thumbup:

  • I've not had mine yet either. I hope somebody gets a move on . Remember that as well as public transport ,the other thing we can't seem to get right is the Christmas post!!

  • Hi All,

    I emailed Eventim about this - apparently tickets for Wolves gig have not yet been released by the promoter. They stated they would be sent as late as 5 days prior to the gig.

    I have had my London ones for ages.

    Post is still slow in grimsby - I've still not had my Classic Rock delivered :mad:

    mikey 'the bass it don't lie' D

  • i was worrying too - BUT i got my Wolverhampton tickets this morning. had to sign for them as they were recorded delivery.

    And Mikey, i only got Classic Rock yesterday.

  • Our London tickets arrived 3 days after I ordered (via UPS). Concerning the Wolverhampton ones, my account says "processed for dispatch".
    I hope they will arrive by next week.
    We just can't wait to see you all. It's been such a long time.

    By the way, do I have to purchase a pair of snow boots ? Cause here it's still spring. Jerome will go diving tomorrow morning. Any volunteer ? :cool:

  • My Wolves ones came this morning too so yay!

    Nat the snow seems to have buggered off for now so hopefully it won't come back with avengeane around those two dates or there will be some very not happy people if the roads are not passable! I would say wrap up warm and I'll keep you posted if the snow comes back!

    Regarding a post gig booze up I'm not sure what time me and Martin will get there and we have a few errands to deal with before the show so I don't think we will be able to meet anywhere for pre gig beers just see folk indoors for the gig and maybe afterwards!

  • My Wolves tickets arrived today!! Faith now firmly restored in postal system. I'll reserve judgment on unpredictable weather until the new year. Guess I'll be setting off early towards Wolverhampton on the 29th. This will be one not to miss!! Look forward to seeing some of you there!!!!

    Do you think we'll get to hear a few new ones and perhaps a sneaky Zep cover??

  • For those that are going to be in attendance, you might be interested in reading this interview with the support for the 2 shows,
    Joanne Shaw Taylor, again a native of the Black Country... where she talks about supporting Black Country Communion :cool1:


  • As stated by Classic Rock magazine!

  • for those going to the London show -

    Door time: 7.00pm

    Show time:

    Joanne Shaw Taylor- 7.30pm-8.00pm
    Interval- 30 mins
    BCC 8.30pm

  • Was looking forward to a bit more than half hour of JST, particularly as she has a whole 2 albums of material, but then I guess I'll just have to keep tabs on her future tour plans! :lol:

  • Everybody all set and excited? Nat and Jerome hopefully the weather is promising to be ok at this stage so fingers crossed and touch wood and all that - we shall see you there xxx

  • Was looking forward to a bit more than half hour of JST, particularly as she has a whole 2 albums of material, but then I guess I'll just have to keep tabs on her future tour plans! :lol:

    Yeah me too Ben. these are the time listed by the venue.

  • Sorry guys, we will not be able to be in Wolverhampton tonight. Jerome caught a cold and is not feeling well at all.
    I changed the flights and we'll try to be in London tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

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