• Must admit, I bought this for the unreleased Tommy Bolin stuff ( which is well worth the price alone). I bought CTTB many, many years ago and am ashamed to say it didn't rock my boat. However, I did eventually get into this album, after listening to Teaser. I must say CTTB has become one of my favourite albums, and Tommy probably my all time fav guitar player.
    So I reckon this is my 4th post, 6 to go lol ;)

  • I finally got this yesterday, lovin' it! Blackmore has been my favourite guitarist since i was a kid, but i've always loved this album too. Tommy Bolin's work on this is outstanding! the whole band's performance is amazing! Really enjoying the remixes for a fresh angle. Awesome!! :claphands

  • I've had the remix for a year and I think it's amazing. Day in LA is a lost gem- another masterful duet with GH and DC- darn shame it wasn't finished. Only complaints are those I'm Coming home backup vocals are mixed down and those are among my favorite things about that song. I think it's an awesome kick ass opener of a tune a shame gh thinks its a throwaway , I strongly disagree. But it's understandable as that kind of boogie rock is really not a gh thing. it's a great song! Other complaint is switching the order of the songs , especially ode to g and this time around, but easily corrected on iTunes. Thumbs up on this remaster! Too bad shirley can't fix snake 87 that one needs a total remix and overhaul and sounds awful no matter what remaster u buy. How can a 1986 recording sound so horrible when 1983/4's Slide it In sounds great as does the follow up Slip and albums in the 70s like Come Taste sounded great too? They clearly blew it big time. Maybe somebody during the mixing/mastering was under the influence of something, or just got mixer burn (ears fried) from going over the stuff too much.

  • Of all the Coverdale/Hughes era DP remasters/remixes, I think Come Taste The Band is by far the best one.
    Burn and Stormbringer are big disappointments to be. I would have loved to hear Mistreated the way Coverdale and Hughes intended, with the big vocals at the ending, before Ritchie came and decided that his (amazing) solo would be in the spotlight.

  • Wowza! The remixed CTTB album is unfreakinbelievable!!! I just love this CD and now it sounds better than ever. Excellent job on the remaster/remix. Even without Blackmore, this is a great Purple LP. Tommy Bolin is unreal on here. If they had only made another one or two records...aaaahhh, we can only dream of what might have been.

  • i have had mine for a while now - can't disagree with anything or anybody.

    this was damn good rock 'n roll and it sounds good now, especially in the remix.

  • Found an interview with Jon Lord from the fall of 2010. He talks about the anniversary of Deepest Purple and mainly Mark IV and the remastered Come Taste The Band, what a good job Glenn has done with it.

    At the beginning he said the he was feeling extremely well, a few months later his illness was discovered :(

    You can listen to the interview on podcast here


    "I might have been born in Liverpool, but I grew up in Hamburg." John Lennon

  • A great featurette.It's great Jon was willing to do some 'press' on CTTB in particular.
    Glenn & Jon featured prominently in the 'Phoenix Rising' package.I like many of you readers lapped this up but I also wanted:
    A 'classic albums' treatment of CTTB..knob twiddling aplenty,faders flying and mountainous ''muting''.Examples of GH and IP 'locking in'
    TB's guitar oozing from every pour..DC's majesterial pipes..you get the drift!
    From MK3 Jon expanded his Kbd arsenal to compiment the soul-funk influences.Come MK4 Jon was right ''on it'' though mixed down than previously our ears were accustomed too.

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