Come Taste The Band remix

  • Get on your knees everyone and praise Kevin Shirley's new mix of this little beauty :bow:

    Boy, am I blown away by the freshness and impact of those new mixes! From somebody posting in the GH fan forum you can expect to love this album, but I swear I have NEVER heard it like this before. We are not talinkg about some final 2% improvement, those mixes are AMAZING.

    Paice's kick drum sound...the VOCALS (especially Coverdale!) , everything.

    On a side note it's nice that you can hear the original endings, I always thought that fade outs are not realy suited for rock and roll music.

    It's a MUST have if you like the album, absolutely mindblowing fantastic!

  • :singer: :guitarist :drummer:

    Got mine in the post this morning. Playing the remixed disc through the head-phones, it sounds un'FREAKIN'believeable. Got to be the best remastered disc of the whole Purple collection. This album has always been in my top 5 of all time, I think it may now just of hit top-spot. Like the saying goes, Save the BEST 'til last.

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  • Got mine today as well. I must say that I'm not a fan of these remixed, remastered or re-whatever albums, but this one is really outstanding. Kevin Shirley has done an excellent job, no matter what others might think of him as a producer. Hope he will do the next BCC album as well! :thumbup:

    "I might have been born in Liverpool, but I grew up in Hamburg." John Lennon

  • Ha, I've been returning to this album when i bought it in 1978.

    'Same in L.A.' was later used for 'Love an' Affection' on Whitesnake's Saints and sinners, it seems.

    To me, CTTB is Whitesnake, with a good guitarplayer & the FUNK, White Country or Black Snake Communion would've been a good name. Bolin is on fire, but all musicians shine here....

    Thanks to all involved for re-releasing this fantastic album!! :clapper:

  • Does the 2010 vinyl edition have something extra (comparing to the original lp)? I mean extra photo's, booklet (that would be very nice), cover notes (mentioning Glenn and Kevin Shirley on the front cover). I mean I'm an LP format fan, but I only will buy this album on vinyl, when I has some extra things (I already have an Purple Record and a Warner Bros original LP edition, so this will be the third) Otherwise I will buy the CD edition. Your (other fans) reactions about the Kevin Shirley Remix made me very interested :thumbup:

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  • have been listening to the remaster and remix the last 24 hours. All i can say is Bolin truly was a find for Deep Purple, what a blistering performance!


    I think the problem that fans had is that Richie was of course very popular as he is a great player, still probably my favourite of all time, and Tommy's style was so different.

    Not sure sonically what the differences are between the two versions yet but they both sound great. And as one of my fellow posters said, very much a Whitesnake feel about some of the tracks.

  • Absolutely stunning remix. A great and ahead of it's time album in 1975 and sounding fresh and current now. So much guitar and so much variety, with a real rock feel from start to finish.

  • I blasted the remix through head phones & was very impressed.
    Acknowledging that everyone's HiFi is different,any Music Production Engineers out here in the GH Cosmos can pitch in with an opinion?

    Well, I'm not a MUSIC engineer, but I work for TV and radio as a sound tech and I must say the new mixes are OUTSTANDING.
    I honestly believe that they sound as good as possible with today's equipment.


  • Im on pins and needles to get this, should be here in the next day! Gonna crank the daylights out of it in my garage through my pa system. That will wake up the bloody neighborhood. I was stunned when I first heard it in 1998. I grew up reading about the band and this album in Chris Charlesworth's excellent DP book. I thought after reading the book, well that album can't be any good with all of the horrible problems the band had after it was made!

    I too keep returning to this magical album again and again. It has some kind of incredible blend of spirituality, mystery, chemistry, soul, space and time to it...It's got freedom, groove and the funk. I'll always love it!


  • Absolutely mindblowing through headphones, Tommy B sounds like he's just sauntered in from another planet, plugged in and let rip. Could Mr. shirley kindly do 'teaser' next please.

  • It's not a Deep Purple record without Ritchie Blackmore

    Well, as Jon Lord said in a recent interview, it certainly wasn't what you expected from DP those days. But it's an excellent classic rock album. And believe me - nobody missed RB on their recent tour in Germany!

    "I might have been born in Liverpool, but I grew up in Hamburg." John Lennon

  • I've played this mostly in the car so haven't given it a test in a true listening environment. It's great how the vocals are bumped up in the mix. Especially this Time Around. The original mix of that song is flawed but perhaps to give a strange effect- on purpose , with the vox in the background on parts of the verses. The Shirley mix puts it where it should be. The vox should always be upfront no matter what.

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