Bonamassa honours Kossoff in Newcastle

  • Joe Bonamassa played in Newcastle, UK last night, home of '70s iconic band, Free, who of course, featured, the late great, Paul Kossoff on guitar.

    During the show, Bonamassa talked of his hero, Kossoff, and then pulled out a Les Paul which turned out to be once owned by Paul Kossoff. He then proceeded to play the Free classic, "Mr. Big".


    - Joe Bonamassa - Mr Big @Newcastle City Hall 17/10/2010[/ame]

  • nice tribute to Koss. JB nailed it.

    so light a candle in the window.......
    i will be coming home tonite

  • First Kossoff song that really grabbed me was the song "Hole in the Head", which still gives me chills to this day. His solo is just a searing, raw bit of emotion. Wonderful.

    '](You need some friends like a) Hole in the head - YouTube[/ame]
    And nice to see a signature edition named in his honor. He did play just about the greatest classic rock riff ever, "All Right Now" :thumbup:

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