New Phenomena Tracks

  • Hello everyone,

    Here are a couple of tracks from the new Phenomena album "Blind Faith".

    They are the title track "Blind Faith", & Angels Don't Cry". I hope you

    all enjoy these two tracks! :) The album has gotten great reviews overall.

    4 out 5 or 4,5 out of 5 :cool: Tom is now busy working on a 2012 version

    of the first Phenomena album :cool:


    Galleyfan :)

  • Just ordered the album yesterday...can't wait to hear it! As for a new version of the first Phenomena album, here's hoping it's nothing more than a remixing of the album for a fresher, crisper, less keyboard heavy sound. The album contains some of Glenn's finest vocal work to date :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:

  • a great album for sure the first Phenomena album, with a great performance by our Glenn. However, Cozy Powell's drum sounds like he was playing on a biscuit tin lid which is very un-cozy like! Hope they rectify that and as Todd says crank up the geeetars! :thumbup:

  • When I talked to Tom the other day, I understood it that the next one

    is all new tracks which will remind people of the first one! :cool: It will also

    have a visual element to it. There will be a story to as well I believe.

    I will be hearing some demos in the next week or two & get more info.

    Will pass info on as I get it :) Agreed that Glenn's vocals really were

    amazing on that first Phenomena album! :bow: That & Hughes/Thrall are

    in my top 10 of his performances. When Glenn is on fire, there's nobody

    better! :)


  • the music from glenn hughes and bands is choice music for me. some of the music is what i call prayer music. believe toughes me the most. i am in tears when I heard that song. worth listening to in terms of my personnal pray life.

  • The mixes on Cozy's cassettes all these years on really make the case for a more 'Rock' mix on certain songs.'Kiss Of Fire' 'Still The Night' 'Phoenix Rising' 'Hell On Wheels'.

    Mel's (guide?) vocals are great by the way.If the masters are lost/unavailable then surely with 21st Century technology especially on 'Kiss Of Fire' which is an instrumental on Cozy's cassette mix,Glenn could either 'phone in' a new lead vocal or blend in/overlay on top of the original 1985 master?

  • Phenomena Anthology due June 2019.

    This release includes an alternate (12 inch mix of 'Still The Night')
    I presume this is the same mix that came out on vinyl back in '85?
    I have never heard it by the way.
    Is it radically different from the original studio cut?
    Is it more Rock flavoured with more Guitars and less Keyboards (ever the optimist!)?

    This Anthology set features some long out of print tunes like 'Assassins Of The Night'.
    I presume it is the same mix as before?
    As I alluded too in an earlier post,it would be great to get the versions where Mel Galley handles lead vocals (demos)
    These are surely worthy of an official release?
    A Phenomena Box set with all the remixes new (21 Century) and old are put together in one place for the fans wanting to get their fill of this great project.

    Just needs Tom Galley to put a Phenomena Concert together with Glenn Hughes involved.

  • As far as i am aware, Tom is sitting on all the demos & masters etc so its all down to him to release such stuff.
    Some of the songs Mel and Tom (lyrics) wrote during that period, potentially for Trapeze as well as Phenomena, ended up on Slide It In with DC paying off Tom so could use his own lyrics and thus make more money and keep control of the songs.

    Some of the songs with Mel singing are online as bootlegs.

    He was supposed to be lead vocals on Did It All For Love but when he got to the studio John Wetton had already done it!

    As to Glenn appearing in a live Phenomena show, that is extremely unlikely after what happened several years ago with regards a festival appearance. i think it was Sweden Rocks but could be wrong. It's on the site here somewhere.

    :ghcp: "It's in my blood"

  • What does the 12 inch mix of 'Still The Night' sound like?
    Is it radically different i.e more guitars?

    I heard from a fan who's spoken at length to Tom Galley recently.
    The probability of potential live Phenomena gigs are being negotiated on a better footing.

    I am personally going to give Glenn's music of Pimple-dom tour a body swerve.
    The show in North London with Joey Bananas guesting was as good as it is going to get.
    Same set,nothing adventurous to draw me in.
    Unless that is JJ Marsh gets back on Glenn's payroll!

    I would be more excited by a Phenomena live show..multi media props etc
    sympathetic to Tom Galley's original idea.
    As JJ played on a more recent Phenomena cd, JJ would be an ideal choice on guitar.

  • Really hope that the late,great Cozy Powell's' drum sound gets the sonic treatment it deserves. If you've still got the unmixed masters Mr Tom Galley,please crank the guitars up too.

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