Live in Belfast (Northern Ireland) 2010, UK

  • Belfast was great!!!

    What a night!!...a real ambition realised for me...I've been a fan since hearing "You keep on Moving" on that old DP "Anthology" with the black sleeve way back when....and I finally got to see the great man in concert!
    Glenn was superb last night..really really good.Great set..beautifully paced...great band.That guy is a powerful drummer!!!

    Highlights?!?!?..."Can't stop the flood"?"Orion"?,"Medusa"?....anything you want,man....
    One thing that I want to say....everyone refers to Glenn's voice,and quite rightly BTW...but his bass playing is supreme.A master of his craft....

    God bless you,Glenn....congratulations on your success and your health.
    Thanks for coming to Ireland.

  • Couldn't agree more with all the reviews & comments about Glenn's performance in Belfast. An absolute corker of a show which seemed to fly by. I enjoyed every second of it. I was a wee bit disappointed by the amount of people who were there, but then again, it gave me the perfect nite-clear access to the bar and a great view of the great man!! Come back soon Glenn, I'll be 1st in the queue.

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