Cat available for adoption- Los Angeles

  • My neighbors in my building split and left us this cat. I'm trying to find a home for it. His name is Mouse, about a year old and he is a very sweet kitty. Am in the LA area. I was so looking forward to their moving, they were total pain the neck people to live next door to and I can't seem to get them and their baggage out of my life. My roommate and I are usually gone sometimes 14 hours a day so we are really not the proper home, plus landlady doesn't want us to have pets. I knew the neighbors were going to do this and I said so in advance. This situation is at times making me extremely depressed and unhappy with life at the moment. (everything else is fine)

    Thank you,


  • This story is taking a strange twist. A month or so ago I realized former neighbors had relatives living within walking distance. So I let all the anger and hate go and realized they didn't abandon the animal, they probably instead dropped the cat off at the relatives and the cat escaped the new home and found his way back here. Sure enough, tonight the brother of the neighbor told me that is exactly what happened. (He ran into me in the driveway as he was going to a party at my other neighbors's that kind of close knit hood) . The neighbor that split to Washington with his wife is now back in LA, (having broken up with her) I told the brother he's welcome to have the cat back if he wants it. I'm glad this was the real story and they weren't being irresponsible. It's amazing timing that the cat and myself were in the driveway when the brother was arriving.

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