Live in Nottingham (UK) 2010

  • Here's the gig setlist from the Rescue Rooms in Nottingham, UK last night.

    Muscle And Blood
    Touch My Life
    Sail Away
    You Kill Me
    Can't Stop The Flood
    Don't Let Me Bleed
    Keepin' Time
    Steppin' On
    Soul Mover




    ...and an amusing but excellent review can be found below :cool1:


    His set at the Rescue Rooms in Nottingham was 90 minutes of classic Hughes…pumping bass and vocal gymnastics, ably supported by his Swedish backing band. I was so impressed with the man’s energy – he’s around 4 years older than myself, and I think I would be pretty pleased if I could move around like he did for 90 minutes.…-voice-of-rock/



    - Glenn Hughes live in Nottingham Rescue Rooms (29/09/2010)[/ame]

  • One of my engineers from work came to the Nottingham gig- he's seen the likes of Jimmi Hendrix back in the hey day but hadn't seen Glenn live until last night. He texted me when he got home to say 'Thanks for a great night and that Glenn is a magician - it's a case of how do you follow that'! I have a few nights off now before rejoinign at Islington on Tuesday so will be on the look out for updates from Falmouth, Exeter and Cardiff over the weekend!

    Love and hugs xxx :)

  • Well finally have time to put some thoughts down! Been busy boy :D Kids, work and all that nonsense!

    Overall it was a great show and as always a pleasure to see my favourite singer live.

    Firstly let me echo the gentleman from the review above. Glenn has turned into the Peter Pan/Cliff Richard of rock :lol: He looks in such great shape and puts us slightly younger men to shame. He really was on fire! Even with cold, i thought he was in good shape vocally and his bass playing really is extraordinary, and he really does get Lost in the Zone performing. I don't care what anyone else says, to be such a master of two instruments, his voice and bass [i also know before anyone else says that he's a good banjo player too!], is absolutely amazing. i truly believe no one comes close to him. Geddy Lee, Sting, any other pretenders truly are left in his wake. If people didn't concentrate on that amazing voice they would realise what a great bassist he is too :bow:

    To the show itself, the above review mentioned the vocal levels. Ialso felt they were too low in the mix, as someone shouted out after 4 songs! Not sure if was deliberate or not.

    The standout songs were funnily enough the Deep Purple and Trapeze songs. Sail Away is a brilliant song live,really gets the crowd swinging and Burn was majestic with a great vocal performance [cold or not]. Touch My Life, Medusa and Keepin Time were fantastic too.

    Solo song wise Don't Let Me Bleed has become Glenn's vocal showpiece song and didn't fail to live up to expectations. I love the way it swings from the gentle soulfull moments to full out rock, a true classic :clapper:

    Orion, and Can't Stop The Flood [ it's on BTM by the way Glenn ;) ] however i didn't enjoy as much as the others. Can't put my finger on why not with Orion as i like the song on the album. Can't Stop The Flood was because of the vocal harmonies in the chorus. On the album you have about seven Glenn's [ or that's what it sounds like ] performing it. Here you had Glenn, backed by Soren and to me it didn't work.

    You Kill Me and Steppin On were good too!

    As to the band, hat's off to Pontus. He is a cracking find and he has that mad demented octupuss drummer look about him! Really, really liked him. Anders was Anders! I don't know what to say except he was great and he seemed to be featured more! Soren was good too although as i said to Marie after the show he is not my favourite Glenn guitarist but early days with him. May need a solo album with him featured so that i can sit down and concentrate on listening to him. The problem when you go to see G is that you naturally focus on voice and bass, followed by the rest so difficult to judge. took a while for me to get into JJ! :eek:

    So overall a great show, with Glenn talking about at a swift return next year solo and with BCC!

    Oh and David, there was no Addiction encore, straight into Burn!

  • Nottingham was a great gig, Glenn never fails to deliver. As Paul J mentioned above, the sound was off for the first 4 songs which was very frustrating. Also Anders was very low in the mix all night.
    The set list was great too, except Orion I've never really got into that song at all. I also wish Glenn would ditch that red precision bass, the sound is too muddy and don't cut through the mix, I'd rather see him with a Jazz or his white Yamaha, they both cut through much clearer.

  • Soren was good too although as i said to Marie after the show he is not my favourite Glenn guitarist but early days with him. May need a solo album with him featured so that i can sit down and concentrate on listening to him. !

    Hopefully this will soon be the case! I really like Soren but I have to agree it is difficult to notice the other band on stage when you are concentrating so intensely on Glenn! Soren really works the stage in a way I haven't seen any of Glenn's guitarists do previously!

    In terms of the sound - the band on this occasion used an in house sound guy for the venue - I did notice the voclas getting turned up after a few songs and over all the sound was quieter than the rest of the tour - I could hear Anders ok but I was stood right by his keyborad monitors so maybe that helped! :thumbup:

    Love and hugs xxx :)

  • Nottingham was a great gig. It did what I think Glenn wanted the shows on this tour to do --ROCK!

    I agree with what's been said about "Orion". Whilst it's not my favourite song on that album, it really works live and Anders keyboards on that are mad too!

    I was at the sound check and Glenn noticed that there was a point at which the vocals seemed to distort so I suppose that's why they started off a bit low in the mix.

    I got the opportunity to meet Glenn before the gig. Thanks for taking the time and I'm really glad you enjoyed the early school days photo! I'll get round to posting it on here soon ( I'll need to figure out how to do it) .

    Another great and energetic gig . I'll see some of you in Leamington I hope. I'll make an effort to introduce myself if I think I recognise you!!


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