Glenn Hughes Tour Diary 2010

  • I very much appreciate the people producing these tour diaries and to see what goes on behind the scenes of a tour. Nice to see Glenn with a team of good people and great to hear some vocal advice even though I am not a singer.

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  • Another brilliant instalment. Keep them coming!!

    And this time a vocal masterclass !! I'd have paid good money for that!!

    Oh and let's not forget the invaluable laundry masterclass.

    Thanks Glenn and the Guys.

  • Haha!!!! I wore Jeans my love - not my Norah Batty specials - they were worn on a different night! :lol: ;)

    And no Norah Batty wrinkled stockings in Glasgow either! Thanks Soren for featuring us and a permanent reminder of an absolutley brilliant night! :bouncer:

    Marie, I'm guessing Martin is the only one that gets to see those stockings :lol:

    Every time I talk with Glenn, I always walk away forgetting to ask a couple of questions. One of those was answered in the new Part 3 of the tour diary... while performing, does he ever think about hitting that high note, seconds before it due?

    Great videos coming out of this tour. Makes me wish I could be there for some of it.


  • It´s great to have this little lesson from The Voice Of Rock :) I would love to see just one more thing - would it be possible to see something more from Glenn´s voice warm-up before the show? He says in that clip, that he sings three tracks from the show (on the soundcheck?) and then is prepared for the show, but does he some warm up practice? On one of Rolling Stones DVDs there is a short clip of Mick Jagger walking in the hotel hall warmuping for the show and he sings something like "I love you TV..." - up and down in his range - but Glenn is absolutely different league of singer than Jagger is - he has a fantastic high range, falsetto - I´d really love to see something like how he works with it before the show. It´s clear that his warm up is about the "power" of the voice from speaking voice to final singing, but how he works with range?

  • Is a show being recorded properly during this tour?

    I went to the Nottingham gig ( plus 2 converts :)) and apart from the vocal mix (too low earlier in the show) I stand in awe, as I have done ever since Trentham 74, Southend '96 and numerous since...

    Going to the gig, watching the tour diary, poodling about on the forum - Mr Bonamassa next sunday in Cambridge, BCC now and next year
    I'm a happy bunny.

    Thanks all :D


  • Cool vids! For some reason that brief clip of Medusa really got to me. I was supposed to check some of these dates out, and for two months I tried to figure out if I was going to but decided not to go- only reason is I'm just trying to save some money instead of my usual thing- which is to blow it all! I'm sure all these shows have been and will be spectacular.

  • The Busdriver's from Germany!!!

    HI Michael, I noticed he was German as my brother also lives in Thuringia, in a village called unterwellenborn near saalfeld. I have been twice, the local Beer is Fantastic! He goes to the Rock am Ring Festival. Glenns playin Berlin i think? Are you goin? It is quite far I know as I fly into Berlin, i was at the Glasgow gig-was great, my 3rd time seeing him.Take care :thumbup:

  • I envy everybody who could see Glenn and THIS solo band live. Good shows, great fun. Arrrggghhh, why didn' I book a flight to Dublin...

    "I might have been born in Liverpool, but I grew up in Hamburg." John Lennon

  • Thank you very much for those tour videos!! :clapper: :bow:

    I've always wondered how it was behind the scenes, how was Glenn Hughes working and preparing for the shows, but now I kind of got an idea. So, thanks again for giving us, the fans, the opportunity to have a glimpse at the life during the tour outside the stage!!! :thumbup: It's great, so I'll be looking forward to the next part, which I hope is coming up soon! :) ;)

    As for the gigs - I'm sure they were fantastic because there has been no compromising with the sound, playing and singing! All I can say is I wish I were in England! I envy you!!!

    BTW I love Glenn's sense of humour, and all the guys are very cool!!! :thumbup: :p

  • Yes - Glenn definitely has a future career in comedy should he desire !!

    These tour diaries have been fascinating viewing and bring back great memories of what has been the best GH UK tour ever.

    stay fun(ky)
    mikey & penny D

  • I wonder whose idea it was originally. If it came from Big Daddy, then let's hope that we can view some diaries from a BCC tour next year :bouncer: And I know somebody here who is looking forward to some tour diary footage of the Verviers show... ;)

    "I might have been born in Liverpool, but I grew up in Hamburg." John Lennon

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