Live in Glasgow (UK) O2 ABC Gig

  • Just got home from the gig. Superb. Rocking band!
    Got parked opposite the venue and tour bus from which Glenn just walked off as we arrived. he said "Hi". Cool guy!
    He seemed in a good place, and really hope BCC can give him some mainstream success. We've all known he was brilliant for years :)

  • Brilliant gig! Really enjoyed the show - it took the roof off - the crowd immediately around me were probably terrified of the crazy Englsh girl boogying away and seemed a little restrained and people kept coming to the front, getting their pics and moving back to where they had been so lot's of space being at the front for some reason! Looking aorund and behind there seemed to be a great reception. And we were joined by some others so far through who were into the vibe and joined in the boogeying with me so I felt more into it by then! Nice to meet Musicman from the forum - I probably shouldn't log on using my actual name as when you get talking to someone and you say your name it's a little surreal when they follow it up with your surname! Lol! I would say my fave song on this set is Can't Stop the Flood - I love the vibe of this song and it really gets me going! The bass line is great to swing the hips to - then again Keepin Time and Steppin on are fab hip shakers! It's all just great!

  • Thanks for the vid, I tend not to do the "camera" thing, memories of guys getting huckled out 30 years ago at gigs for taking pictures. Changed days - glad to say. Great gig. Fair crowd.

  • Yeah, I gotta say Glenn & the band superb last night in Glasgow.
    And I think he got the great response which he truly deserved, brilliant gig. as always! :) :)
    Been a good September for us Glenn fans with the BCC album & his solo shows! :) Good to say hello to John (weiss heim), as well.

  • Excellent show in Glasgow on Saturday - well worth the wait. Don't Let It Bleed and Medusa were the highlights for me.

    The whole band were really tight and Glenn was on great form.

    I took a few video clips, here's Addiction. More to come.

    Good to meet you Alan D. Chris Spencer - I looked out for you but couldn't see you?

  • John, I was there in front of the steps styage centre.

    The sound started off great and then got muddy towards the end. Sail Away was the highlight for me - awesome!!!

    G, thanks for finally hitting Scotland. But I have a feeling he will not be back unless with BCC.

  • The sound started off great and then got muddy towards the end.

    Yes, the sound always deteriorates for Burn, doesn't it? The band played it faultlessly, but the sound levels didn't do them justice. I've found this at every Glenn gig I've been to.

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