Our new babies

  • Hi everyone !!!

    As some of you may know, our beloved Harry ze cat passed away on the 28th of July. He was 15 and diagnosed with kidney deficiency. His health deteriorated very rapidly and at the end of his life, he could not eat, drink or walk any more. Jerome and I had to make a very hard decision and take him to the vet. It's been a very traumatic experience. We've been with him till the end.

    As we can't live without cats, we decided to adopt 2 kitten but the mother gave birth to 3. We could not make a choice so we adopted the whole family !!!

    Let me introduce you to our new babies. They are 7 weeks old and we don't have any names yet as we are not expert enough to determine if they are boys or girls. The vet will tell us next saturday. In the meantime, any suggestion is welcome :)

    The crazy parents : Nath & Jerome :cool:

  • That is just so sad about Harry :( I am very attached to my older cats and my dog that I don't know what I would do if I lost one like you. The new additions will be wonderful companions, but never a substitute for "The Original".
    Miss not chatting with you lately, I am so busy during the Spring to early Fall I hardly ever get here.
    Take care
    As for names, I have neamed mine after Hockey Players no matter the sex, so Craig Billington (RIP), Jon Klemm and Vincent Damphousse were the names of mine. I think Bernie would be good for one no matter male or female

    "if only we'd turn around and notice the door to the cell is open"

  • Sorry to hear about Harry.

    The new babies are very cute. If they all turn out to be male, you could name them Mel, Glenn, and Dave ;)

  • Very sorry to hear about your loss, Nathalie.
    Bummer we couldn't talk at High Voltage.
    Congratulations on your decision of adopting this little cat family.
    I have never come around getting a pet again, after my last died 15 years ago...
    All the best and happy times!

  • Hi Nath & Jerome

    Ditto re loss of your Harry - never replaced but new little individuals come along to benefit from your affection.
    Good Luck!!!

  • Hi Trapezoid

    Our previous 'second chance' cat, Dexter, was right at home within an hour of sniffing around, exploring his new empire - a very confident guy.
    Our current moggy, Edmund Ironside (Yeah, I know!), hid for 3 weeks before eventually, with regular coaxing, he became confident enough to come out & become integrated into the family. He had a very traumatic previous life, culminating in a nasty facial wound which may or may not have been human-inflicted!
    He now obviously rules the roost :)

    I think it really depends on the past history, the cat's character & ability to accept change, the new surroundings, & patience if necessary. If all else fails, we found king prawns a good peace-maker :lol:

    Good luck!

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