Live in Manchester (UK) 2010

  • Not in any particular order......Steppin on, Orion, Addiction, Keepin Time, Touch my Life, Burn, Soul Mover, Cant Stop The Flood, Sail Away, Dont let Me Bleed, Muscle and Blood, Crave, You Kill Me, I may have missed one or two?

    The rock gets rockier - whilst the Funk gets Funkier!!! :lol:

  • Hi all

    Last night was brilliant - it was such a buzz to be there! I will try and update the setlist as acuratley as I can but for some reason I usually lose the order in the old brain along with the enjoyment and the dancing.

    There were definitely a few surprises in the setlist (well surprises for some, I got a sneaky peak of the likley list a while ago and honoured my vow of silence!) Even so my strongest point isn't being able to remember it the next day!

    So the warm up act Scott McKeon were rather good - loud for a three piece and very funky! Reminded me a lot of Gavin Degraw.

    As the room started filling up there was a definite buzz in the air and lot's of speculation about BCC - a lot of people were discussing who is a true Glenn fan and who was there just becuase of BCC - I found that amusing and kept out of that, just listened to the banter!

    So 9 pm after the stage had been prepared and Scott McKeon's gear taken off, Lars and Trolls set the sound up ready it was Hughes O Clock!

    On came Soren and Anders and Pontus and finally Glenn! All looking well and ready to rock!

    This is a rough guide to the setlist and may not be in this order and I may have missed something out!

    Muscle and Blood
    Touch My Life
    Sail Away
    You Kill Me
    Keepin Time
    Can't Stop The Flood
    Steppin On
    Don't let me Bleed
    Soul Mover


    The set was brilliant in all honesty! I absolutely loved it with some old faves in there and a lot that I haven't seen Glenn do live before. Glenn's vocals were amazing and the band palyed really well together - Pontus is an animal on the drums!

    I can't wait for tonight at Holmfirth - hopefully I will remember the set better on Saturday but I will probably be off the tinterweb for a while now so to all you who are going enjoy, to those who are looking for reports - hope this is ok and apologies for the sketchy setlist - I really don't know why I struggle to remember them! And to all those I will see furtehr on - get ready - you will be satisfied! xxx

    Love and hugs xxx :)

  • Thank you for the report my dear. Such a shame I was not there to dance with you ;)
    I must admit the setlist is unusual & brilliant.
    Have fun tonight & I'll be dancing with you in thoughts !!!


  • Hey Sweetie - you know I really missed you there with me dancing last night! It;s not the same when it's just me getting all the odd looks to myself form the rest of the crowd! Nats it was brilliant - I'm so looking forward to the rest fo the tour! xxxxx

    Love and hugs xxx :)

  • What a setlist !!!!!! Waooooooooooh

    As it's very diificcult for us to go to the tour (too busy, too much work !!!!) but with this kind of setlist^perhaps a WE in Ireland for Belfast & Dublin ...

    Just try to see if it's possible

    Guys take a good time with the voice :claphands :claphands :claphands

  • That playlist looks great in vote of the songs. I´m really interested in final song order - I dont believe that he would leave that Soul Mover/Burn encore... But other thing is interesting - no Mistreated? Is he singing any vocal improvisation in any song?

  • Manchester was probably the best GH show I have seen (more than 10 times). Glenn was on form and was obviously riding high on the euphoria of the BCC gig, album release and start of his own tour.

    It came across in the energy and total spirit in which he performed. Oh and the band was good too! Tommy Bolin lookalike guitarist, animal drummer. Keyboards were high in the mix when needed but I wish he would stand at the keys!
    Anyway those of you seeing Glenn on this tour are in for a treat!! :cool:

  • Interesting set list.

    Not surprised Soul Mover so well represented as probably his best Rock album.

    Surprised nothing from SITKOR but when you have so many great songs to choose from is tough :lol:

    Funny how You Kill Me and Addiction are included as they are two songs that i feel influence a couple of the BCC songs!

    Have a great time everyone who's attending the gigs on this tour :)

    Should include me next week :thumbup: :claphands :bouncer:


  • Many of the gathered Mancunian audience were buzzing about the new Black Country Communion album and most conversations that I overheard were talking about Glenn Hughes deserving another day in the sun, or words to that effect. Thankfully most observers these have dispensed with myths about what happened behind the scenes of the Purple dynasty,

    Tonight Glenn Hughes started his UK tour with a barnstorming set which was a moving tribute to those who had departed in recent years. Mel Galley, Quiet Riot’s Kevin Dubrow, whose scarf hung from Glenn’s Belt, Andy Attwood (Trapeze roadie) and latterly of course Ronnie James Dio were all close friends.

    So it was appropriate then that Glenn shifted the emphasis from that balmy day spitting ‘mozzies’ at Onatrio Speedway to the Trapeze era which preceded it. ‘Medusa’ appears on the Black Country album and it’s this dynamic updated version that Glenn Hughes and his band presented tonight. Yes there were two Deep Purple classics, ‘Sail Away’ and the seven minute ‘Burn’ encore which went down a treat. ‘Sail Away’ transferred successfully live, the band really hitting the original groove tightly.

    Muscle and Blood,’ the opener, was an absolute joy to behold. Normally first night nerves can dilute the energy somewhat. But you could tell that a smiling Glenn Hughes was really up for it tonight. Helped by a decent sound system at Manchester Academy, the portents were good.

    It was great to chat to guitarist Soren Andersen later when he confessed to being on stage with Glenn was an incredible challenge musically. As well as being eye candy for the ladies, he is an excellent practitioner and showman. Keyboard player, Anders Olinder has been an ever present for all recent tours and does provide a stabilising gel to the others’ movements. Pontus Engborg on drums worked well with The Hughes bass lines.

    I am never sure what people will make of ‘Don’t Let Me Bleed’ from the highly rated solo album, "Soul Mover." It’s Glenn Hughes show boating with his vocal talents. But it’s rather like watching a Ronaldo (either one) skip round defences. Awe. I witnessed smiles of appreciation from the throng, some of whom were fresher fans including younger women and one lad I witnessed in absolute trance at the front of house with his dad.

    A natural raconteur, he pushed aside some of the silly stuff written about him in the past and offered an ironic new story line about being 'that old lesbian' to guffaws of laughter around the hall.

    Soul Mover,’ a classic in its own right and a live staple, ended the show, to be followed with a two song encore beginning with ‘Addiction.’ A painful album to make apparently, but I appreciated Glenn Hughes digging deep to tell us about a chapter in his life that is now eradicated. An essential addition to the set and a further sign that Glenn Hughes is comfortable with his own life story.

    Instead we have the Voice of Rock doing what he does best - and sadly most of his contemporaries cannot now match - and that’s to sing with energy and passion. There are 12 more dates at a venue near you. Do yourself a favour and read the new chapter in the life of Glenn Hughes.

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  • Are those my footage ?
    You beat me to posting them on here.

    Holmfirth being uploaded to YouTube at moment.
    Touch my Life
    Sail Away
    Don't let me Bleed

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