• I really hope Glenn will reunite with JJ and Kollman to make a new album. Addiction, SITKOR, HTP... All excellent. Superb vocals from Glenn with a focus on melodies and great songs. It will be interesting to see how CB compares.

    I see absolutely zero chance of that happening. He has said over and over as of late that he's moving forward and has no desire to ever go back to the past.

    I myself am happy about that. Those are good albums you mentioned. I can always put them on at any time. I'm glad we are getting something new with new players.

  • Loved this cd. Coming after 'Feel' with such a knockout punch and seeing Glenn with Tony Iommi jamming 'Heart Lie A Wheel' (please correct me if I'm wrong) at The Wulfren Hall on the tour... a great memory. 'Blue Jade' co-written by JJ is my favourite cut. Marc did a great job producing and playing some great guitar too!http://www.glennhughes.com//www.pinterest…eate/extension/

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