• Hello. Was surprised to not find a thread about one of Glenn's more under-rated releases.

    You can read my detailed review of 'Addiction' here.

    Aside from the classic Hughes/Thrall album and Deep Purple's 'Burn', it's probably the Glenn Hughes disc I return to the most.

  • Thanks for the review, I really agree with most of what you wrote. It is one of Glenn's heavier albums. Wasn't it produces by Marc Bonilla. i think he advised him to stay focused with his singing, forget the souls and ad libs and put on the glenn hughes rock voice. However, I don't know whether Glenn himself was really comfortable with this style.

    I think the early 90's was a time where Glenn tried to generate some interest of some music niches first by making a rock-Blues album (Blues), then AOR (From now on) Then a Blue eyed funk & soul album (Feel) and then a grungy rock record (Addiction)..from 'The way it is' and 'R.O.C.K. on, Glenn tried to mold these into his own style culminating into his best solo albums 'Soul mover' and 'Music for the divine'. The F.U.N.K. album started to sound slightly repetitive (tho it has a lot of my fave Glenn tracks)...so the Black country communion band came along at the right time imho :cool:

  • Addiction is still the bomb :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:
    i don't understand why it didn't turn more people in ghcp....
    i'm glad the titletrack 'addiction' is the encore in the new solotour.

    it's my hardrockbible and every track is a pure knockout :thumbup: :thumbup:

    BCC could use some of the addiction tracks. would love to hear Joe play 'death of me'
    but....It makes me miss JJ more and more (no affence Marc)

    Rock on

  • On Madeline, is there a strange high pitched beep ( I think it's about 1:46 but would need to reference the CD to make sure) that's on the song, or have a duff CD?

    Cracking album though, I do prefer Glenn's heavier outputs, but then I'm mostly coming in from the Iommi end of things.

  • On Madeline, is there a strange high pitched beep ( I think it's about 1:46 but would need to reference the CD to make sure) that's on the song, or have a duff CD?

    Nope, you don't have a duff CD - that effect is supposed to be there :)

  • Fantastic album right from the opener to the very end. Raw, intense, musically and lyrically, rough produced at times (on purpose) and Glenn Hughes in his very best. Songs that came not only from the heart, but much deeper, even from the black corners of pain that we all carry along with us. I am very sure that for that matter it will be one of the favourite CDs not only for me but also for Glenn himself.
    The whole album is a grower and it becomes stronger the more years had passed by.

    Cowards die many times, the valiant never taste the death but once - Caesar

  • Blue Jade co written by JJ Marsh is my all time favourite & should have been on some sort of 'Best Of GH'

    'Madelene','Death of Me' & 'I Don't Want To Live That Way'.Overall great production & Marc Bonnilla directing & playing most of the guitar with imagination.JJ's first appearance on record with Glenn too.
    Marc getting Glenn to focus on a more straight ahead Rock Lead Vocals worked on this album for my money & still stands up today.On GH's 96 UK Tour he did 'Cover Me' 'Addiction' & 'Talk About It'.It a slow burner but alot to recommend it.

  • New to the website and this style of music. Can anyone give me a short list of "must listen to " albums to acclimate/educate myself?

  • I really like this record. "I'm not your slave" is one of my fave songs ever.
    So underrated, but so heavy.

    "My lack of FAITH has no SHAME"

  • Addition Glenn's best in my opinion. Blue Jade, dont wanna live this way is the masterpiece. So honestly and emotionally. The raw sound of the album makes it feel like it was made today.
    Always exciting when Glenn release new matrial. What I have heard from CB is a bit too much Rollings Stones for my taste, but must give it a chance :)
    Cheers ..

  • I really hope Glenn will reunite with JJ and Kollman to make a new album. Addiction, SITKOR, HTP... All excellent. Superb vocals from Glenn with a focus on melodies and great songs. It will be interesting to see how CB compares.

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