Collaberation with John Norum

  • .......and there are two versions.
    I don't have them right in front of me,
    but I THINK that the German-issued one
    has one or two extra tracks on it.
    I'll try to get back to you on this, OK?


  • Speaking about John Norum...EUROPE are coming out with a new album called "Start from the Dark", maybe you already know it ...I heard from that just afew days ago and got that one and it is simply GREAT!
    Forget the typical EUROPE sound that's still dwelling in your ear ...the new one is much more heavier but also melodic. A pure classic rock jewel! I can highly recommend it to my friends here on the board:thumbup:
    Seems like Norum is dominating the band nowadays.

    Get the funk, Achim

  • you got me realy interested Schreinermusic.
    I'll will now surely listen to is and if it 'fits' my tast i will surely go to their concert in tilburg

    stay funky

  • OK, here's the two versions of "Face the Truth."
    They are both from Sony International of Sweden (1992).

    Version #1; Glenn is on six tracks, and #10 and #11 are live recordings.
    1. Distant Voices (GH)
    2. Opium Trail
    3. Night Buzz
    4. Good Man Shining (GH)
    5. Endica
    6. Face the Truth (GH)
    7. In Your Eyes (GH)
    8. Time Will Find the Answer (GH)
    9. Counting on Your Love (GH)
    10. Don't Believe a Word (Live 1989)
    11. Free Birds in Flight (Live 1989)

    Version #2; Glenn is on seven tracks solo, and one duet.
    1. Face the Truth (GH)
    2. Night Buzz
    3. In Your Eyes (GH)
    4. Opium Trail
    5. We Will Be Strong (GH, duet with Joey Tempest)
    6. Good Man Shining (GH)
    7. Time Will Find the Answer (GH)
    8. Counting on Your Love (GH)
    9. Endica
    10. Still the Night (GH) (not on version #1)
    11. Distant Voices (GH)

    I hope that this clears up any confusion about the two versions of "Face the Truth."

    Take care.......Grace


  • No that is not Glenn dueting with Joey Tempest on We Will Be Strong but Norum himself sort of imitating Glenn. If you listen closely it's Norum, he sings other songs like this on Face the Truth, like Night Buzz imitating Glenn also. I've even seen people atribute Norum's singing on the album's cover of Lizzy's "Opium Den" to Glenn on vocals also!


  • Glenn Hughes sang on John Norum's 1992 album "Face The Truth" and also co-wrote a song on John's latest album "Optimus".


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